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The Great Mohsar Write-Up – How to Sands of Fate to Victory, By Dan Yount

Mohsar's alter ego...

Mohsar's alter ego...

It has been no secret that I have been a longtime fanboy of Mohsar. I love how he is a caster that can bring his presence to nearly any part of the table while still playing safe. Despite his old man stats, I have actually played very few games where he got assassinated early on. While his presence isn’t necessarily game-breaking any single turn, what he succeeds at is slowly whittling your opponent down. In both Mk2 and Mk3 I have played him as a gunline caster, and with very similar lists. Originally in mk3 I had been building him purely as an Una2 counter since he could drop in and Doppler bark the birds and upkeep Sunhammer, but Woldwyrds getting buffed really turned him up a notch and allowed him to play more consistently into more matchups. I played him at ATC where my team won the tournament and then this past weekend at Kingdom Con which I won as well. Following my win at Kingdom Con, I feel like now is as good a time as ever to do write this since I have battle reports to provide as examples to show how I typically use him. This will be broken up into two sections with first being an overview, and the second being the actual battle reports. 


Stats: He is a Fury 8 caster, the highest in faction, and with Maltreatment this pushes him up to being a pseudo 9 Fury. Automatic bonuses of this is he can run more warbeasts and need to spend less points on fury management to run them. SPD 5 is average, but he won’t be walking very much anyways so this is mostly irrelevant. Mat 5 is meh, but fixable. Rat 6 is very nice considering that you will often aim to Rat 8. His weapon is pow 10, so you won’t realistically be beating down many casters yourself. It does have erosion, which only affects constructs, so the best way to use his stick is to use it against Warjacks. More about that later!

Feat: Prevents enemy models from leaching fury or being leached from, and also prevents Power-Up. Important to note is that a warlock cutting is considered to be leaching from themself, so this feat prevents that as well! This portion of the feat is pretty hit or miss, where bad rolls can essentially turn his feat into a time-walk when everything frenzies, and good rolls mean that the beasts just have less fury to play with. Even with bad rolls, it will still limit the amount of fury they can use, and spells to be cast. If they have upkeeps, they will have to decide if they want to sit on little to no fury. The power-up portion is also army dependent. 7 focus caster with 3 warjacks? Not the end of the world if they have to allocate more. Focus 6 caster running 10 warjacks where they are crutching on Power-Up, like an Ossrum gun-bunny spam list? Things starts getting pretty rough.


  • Maltreatment: Allows you to pull fury from a warbeast and place it on Mohsar, at the cost of that warbeast taking d3 damage. Order of activations can be a little tricky with this since Mohsar often wants to activate before his warbeasts meaning there needs to be fury remaining on them. The easiest way to get around this is to have a beast like a Wild Argus or Gorax that won’t be seeing combat that turn, and just run/rile them. If you have fury left on your Wolds at the beginning of the turn, you can also pull relieve them of it this way.


  • Crevasse: One of the top tier infantry clearing spells in the game, a 6” spray erupts out of the model boxed by this spell, hitting nearby units. Unlike Mk2, you can target models in any direction from the boxed model. The spray is also magical, and at Magic Ability 8, Pow 12, you will kill most infantry in the game. All models killed by this spell are also removed from play.


  • Curse of Shadows: A very straight forward -2 ARM debuff, which also allows you to ignore free strikes from that model/unit and you can move through them as well. Best point of this spell is it is a straight ARM debuff and not just STR/POW buff like other casters in faction, which means that it helps out your guns.


  • Mirage: Target model/unit gains apparition which places them 2” during your control phase. This is great both for extending threat ranges, as well as disengaging a unit that is jammed, or wants to back up so that they can charge again.


  • Pillar of Salt: Mohsar’s signature spell that I think is very much a trap to cast. It places a 3” AOE that is an obstruction that blocks LOS and provides cover. It can be targeted as normal by attacks and is ARM 20. Important is that it is not a model and so is not affected by many spells and abilities. The main problem with this spell is that Mohsar has plenty of other cool things that we would prefer to be doing, and Pillars are simply not annoying enough. If your opponent wants to charge your heavy, they’ll figure out a way to remove your 2-3 pillars blocking your path. The best use I have found for them is just placing them first turn to block LOS so that they can’t take as many pot-shots at my army as they are doing their first advance.


  • Sunhammer: Beasts and Warjacks take d3 damage if they end their normal movement in his control, and advanced at least 1”. This is a nice spell to cast if your opponent is using light warjacks/warbeasts since it will east into their boxes real quick, and against spam in general since the amount of damage you do adds up very quick. It is also particularly nasty if you knock out a column since even if they heal it, as soon as that model advances they might just take damage to that column and lose it again. If your opponent is only sporting 2-3 heavies, it probably isn’t worth upkeeping very deep into the game.


  • Sands of Fate: Another signature spell of Mohsar which is what allows him to be all over the table and accomplish a wide variety of moves. It is simply that you remove a living trooper model in your control range and replace it with Mohsar. All models in a unit are troopers, so this means you can Sands of Fate to even UA’s or flags. Since the spell does not actually target a model but simply removes them, you can also Sands of Fate to an out formation model. This is great since you don’t have to expose your entire unit just to get a single one in place. You cannot advance after casting, but you are still allowed to sacrifice your movement to aim or shake knockdown. This spell can also be cast multiple times. This means that Mohsar can jump in, cast spells, and then jump back out. You will really want to have a Wild Argus in your list, since being able to Sands of Fate next to an enemy model, cast Doppler Bark to drop their defense to 5, and then Sands of Fate away is incredibly powerful. Typical ways I might spend my turn as Mohsar after I maltreat are:

    • Sands in, Spray, Sands out (5 Fury remaining)

    • Sands in, Spray, Crevasse, Sands out (2 fury remaining)

    • Sands in, Curse of Shadows, Spray/Use Stick, Sands out (2 fury remaining)

    • Sands in, Doppler Bark, Use Stick, Sands out (3 fury remaining)

    • Sands in, Doppler Bark, Curse of Shadows, Use Stick, Sands out (0 fury remaining)

And you can choose what to do with your remaining fury, whether it is to upkeep spells, boost rolls, or simply camp. Against warjacks it is tempting to boost damage in option 3 since with Erosion, Mohsar is basically a pow 12 weapon master. Even if they are spell immune you can still boost, buy and boost, and put 10 dmg into an armor 19 warjack.

*WARNING* Do not cast Sands of Fate while within The Heretic’s control range. You will deeply regret it the next turn. Also do not Sands of Fate into any no-magic aura’s because that would be just embarrassing.

List Building:

In my experience, the best way to take advantage of Mohsar is as a gunline caster. While he can certainly run a melee oriented list and boost threat and damages with Mirage and Curse of Shadows, it is much easier to get work done off of Curse of Shadows with multiple shooting models compared to a one or two melee models getting delivered. Sunhammer can add up for longer if your opponent is having to transverse the table more, and it is more effective to let your opponent chase you across the table while their beasts have less fury to use, or jacks have less focus, compared to if you were feating during a melee alpha turn where all of your opponent’s targets are now already in their face.

For any Circle list nowadays, I feel that a Pureblood and two Woldwyrds is an auto-include. Woldwyrds are just so powerful at controlling what spells your opponent can cast on their army, and can brutally punish them if they do. Three boostable pow 12’s are also just plain good. You are welcome to take more than two, but I wouldn’t go any lower since a single Woldwyrd won’t be annoying enough for your opponent not to put Defender’s ward on their warbeast, and it won’t be powerful enough on its own to kill that model if they do.

The Wild Argus is an auto-include as well to enable you to Doppler Bark with Mohsar. This is necessary to drop the defense of enemy models to make all your shooting just about auto-hit and it also controls their warbeasts/infantry since it prevents running and charging.

From there you want at least one cheap unit that you can Sands of Fate to. Wolves of Orboros and Bloodweavers are great choices for this since they are expendable and relatively fast. Reeves of Orboros can be used to a lesser extent, mostly for the returning Sands of Fate trip since they are typically near the back of your army.

Once you have that initial 50-60 points filled out, you can start diversifying from there. I liked skewing more towards getting extra guns so I picked up a 2nd Pureblood and Celestial Fulcrum. The Fulcrum has really good pow guns to take advantage of Mohsar’s shenanigans, and it also has the quantity of attacks to go infantry and solo hunting if need be. I don’t see a reason why not to take it as CID buffs it is receiving are only making it look even more awesome! I can definitely see potential to introduce Ghetorix, a Feral, and some Blackclads if you are going to play melee heavy. A 15” threat Ghetorix is pretty much terrifying.

Your other infantry options could be Wolfriders which are great with Mirage and Curse of Shadows, Reeves to get some sweet Pow 21 shots into your opponent, and Manikins because they are just never not good.

The list I have been running is:

-Wild Argus
Celestial Fulcrum
Wolves of Orboros + UA
Gobber Chef

A hidden reason why a Circle gunline is so powerful is because it typically ignores all conventional defensive tech vs shooting. You have easy access to blessed weapons through the Purebloods, upkeeps are likely to not be on the table due to the Wyrds, every gun is magical, and four sprays ignore Line of Sight, stealth, concealment, and cover. The list is also fairly fast, so after turn 1, you are going to be threatening the majority of the table with your guns. The Bloodweavers are my primary Sands of Fate targets since they are fast and stealth, so they require a decent quality of attack to try and focus them down. And if you are playing Menoth, are you really going to Rhoven a Reckoner so it can try to shoot a single bloodweaver? Wolves of Orboros threaten 13” which gives a good buffer between your guns and their army. Curse of Shadows of course makes them hit like trucks on their Power Swell turn and as mentioned before, they are great Sands of Fate targets. If the enemy warlock is within 16” of a bloodweaver or Wolf of Orboros, you can potentially get Mohsar to them.

The main weaknesses of this list is the lack of high end armor cracking. It tops out at pow 16, so if The Avatar is marching down the field, you are going to need to eventually start boosting damage on him at dice -5 which is not ideal.


Battle Report # 1

The third round of the team tournament I played Mohsar into Skorne. Sadly I have no pictures for this one. I can’t guarantee that I am reporting it exactly as it happened, but this should be pretty dang close. Since it was only three rounds, I was actually locked into Mohsar due to playing Wurmwood into a gunline Iron Mother list, followed by Strakhov 2nd Round. I realistically could have played Mohsar there, but I think he had a Karchev jackspam list I was scared of. The Skorne player had pMakeda which I was fine with since Mirage’d bloodweavers could grevious wound the Ferox he he tried to bully me with them during feat turn. The other caster he had was eZaadesh, which he ultimately ended up playing. It was a beast heavy list and he has a couple upkeeps that he would like to normally cast, so I was OK with this.

His list was something along the lines of:

-Titan Sentry
-Titan Gladiator
Beast Handlers
Totem Hunter
2x Bloodrunner solos
Gremlin Swarm

The scenario was The Pit and I choose to go first. My opponent picked a side that had some trenches and a wall. Ya know, things not very consequential to me. My side had a forest up my left flank and a hill on the other

First Round - Circle:
I pretty much just run everything full, put mirage on the Wolves of Orboros, drop some Fury.

First Round - Skorne:
Zaadesh’s army cautiously advances, the Gladiator throws rush on Tibbers and then charging until he hits a wall in his Advanced Deployment zone. Zaddesh casts Rush on the Sentry, the upkeep Battle-Charged, and he makes a full advance forward. Tibbers, the Sentry, and Despoiler all run forward, staying nearby Zaddesh, positioned to the left, middle, and right side of the zone respectively. Paingivers pull up the rear and the solos and Bloodrunners start flanking both sides.

Second Round - Circle:
Zaadesh is on 2 camp with an upkeep on him so I immediately start thinking about how I can kill him. I can get run up a Wolf of Orboros to engage the Sentry, Despoiler, and Zaadesh to prevent them from counter charging and then Sands of Fate Mohsar there to Doppler bark. From what I recalled on his card he has [Sac-Pawn: Friendly Faction Warrior Model] and I see three paingivers within 3” of him. He also has Tibbers and the Sentry nearby which are shieldguards. With two camp that is like seven effective transfers, so I count my guns. I got six purgation’d Woldwyrd shots, two Pureblood sprays, the Fulcrum lightning bolt, and then Mohsar who can hit him a little to get in damage. Perfect! I’ll get in two solid hits plus whatever damage Mohsar does, possibly set him in fire with a good drift, and that will take him down no problem. I drop Mirage and then I run the Wolf up. The rest just hang out and prepare for a bloodrunner alpha. I rile the Wild Argus so I can maltreat, and then Mohsar drops in and Doppler Barks on Zaadesh, the Sentry, and Despoiler. Mohsar hits and boosts two damage rolls. I have 5 fury while doing this and my opponent thinks Mohsar is just trying to beat him to death, so he takes those hits on the chin and absorbs about 8 damage. I then hop away and feat just in case things go sideways. The Pureblood then Assaults to the side towards the Despoiler next to his flag and rolls first on the Depoiler. I hit, boost damage, and do a decent chunk of damage. I then hit Zaadesh and he sac-pawn’s this to his Sentry. I say, “Wait, did you mean shieldguard?”. He responds, “Nope! Sac-Pawn”. I look at his card, and Zaadesh actually has [Sac-Pawn: Friendly Faction Warbeast]. OH SHIT!! Ok, new plan, I’m not killing Zaadesh this turn. The Sentry and Despoiler are still Doppler barked so they can’t charge, and Despoiler is currently DEF 5/ARM 18 so I can still try shooting him down. My Pureblood that Assaulted is probably toast since he is fairly close to the Sentry and Tibbers, but as long as I stay 11” away from Tibbers with everyone else I will be OK. I shoot Despoiler with my other Pureblood, both Wyrds, and lightning bolt from the Fulcrum, which leaves it on 2 boxes. Meanwhile the bloodweavers are playing Ring Around the Rosie with his solo’s that are flanking around my left-side forest. Goodbye, sweet Pureblood.

Had I known what he could actually Sac-Pawn to warbeasts, I would have basically done the same thing, except Curse of Shadow’d the Despoiler instead of hitting Zaadesh, and I wouldn’t have assaulted with the Pureblood. Had I done this I basically would have Alpha’d a heavy off the table and had the rest of my army very safe.

Second Round - Skorne:
Zaadesh is feated on so he is not able to leech anything. He chooses to continue to upkeep battle plan and does so for free since he has Despoiler. He then rolls some threshold checks and for the Gladiator he rolls higher than an 8, which causes it to frenzy. Since it is behind a wall, it fails his charge right there. Tibbers needs to roll at least a 9 and passes, as does Despoiler. The Sentry rolls higher than an 8 and frenzies onto Tibbers, doing a bit of damage. A lucky break that I will definitely take!

Paingivers apparate, kill some Wolves of Orboros, and reposition. Left flanking solos play with some bloodweavers, and kill a couple. Zaadesh backs up outside of range of anything to run to him so he doesn’t get barked on again. Now that he has damage on him, Mohsar might otherwise actually beat him to death next turn! Paingivers walk up and heal Despoiler who then walks over to my Pureblood. He boosts his tail needing an 8 and misses, tries for two hard 8’s on the claws and misses, and then buys and boosts two more tails, both of which miss. Well then! I thought the Pureblood would likely live, but not unscathed! Totem hunter hops into the Pureblood’s backarc and is able to connect a couple hits which do little damage. Tibbers now has a Sentry in the way, so he cannot charge over to the Pureblood. Instead he moves over and toes the zone.

Third Round - Circle

I have 9-10 fury out on the table from the previous turn and decide to leave some on the Pureblood next to the Despoiler. This Pureblood is surrounded by a Totem hunter, and Paingivers so I figure that he can try to dig himself out, it would be too much trouble to try and clear everything for him. Worst case scenario is he frenzies and kills the despoiler, which is exactly what happened. The 7 or so remaining Wolves of Orboros counter-attack vs the Blood Runners and kill all but one and pick up the totem hunter in the process. The bloodweavers charge flanking solos, and one ran to engage Tibbers. My weavers finished off his solos, so at this point the table state is a few bloodweavers on my left flank, about half the unit of Wolves of Orboros on the right, a Pureblood next to my opponent’s flag, and then Tibbers, Sentry, Fulcrum, Wyrds, and 2nd Pureblood towing the zone on opposite sides.

Mohsar Sands next to Tibbers and Doppler barks, then throws Curse of Shadows on the Sentry. I sands away to one of the Wolves of Orboros on the right side of the field and start lighting up the Sentry with all my guns, doing a fair chunk of damage. While Tibber’s is paralyzed he can only threaten 8” with rush, so I can shoot the Sentry without worrying about much happening to me.

Third Round - Skorne

There isn’t a whole lot for the Skorne player to do this turn with a paralyzed Tibbers and a Gladiator who is out of position in his AD zone. Zaadesh upkeeps Battle-Charged, starts walking down outside the left side of the zone, and feats, hoping to use the MAT buff to help the Sentry kill my Pureblood and Defensive strike to prevent more models from running up and to Doppler Bark them. He also rushes Tibbers and I think the Sentry. Tibbers begins the long walk down the left side of the zone towards my flag. The Gladiator runs over near Zaadesh to provide Sac Pawn. The Sentry then walks over to my Pureblood and starts wailing on him, needing 6’s. At this point he realizes that he forgot to have his Paingivers give it +2 STR. He misses a couple of attacks, and ultimately leaves the Pureblood on 2 boxes. Paingivers walk up and try whipping the Pureblood need 9’s, and one connects to do one more damage. The remaining Bloodrunner charges the Pureblood in the backarc, and misses. My opponent and I take a moment and admire the Pureblood who refuses to die.

Fourth Round - Circle

I upkeed Curse on the Sentry and pull my fury, leaving some on the Wyrds. I’m able to run a Bloodweaver into Tibber’s backarc to avoid the defensive strike, while also outside of 6” to avoid the counter-charge from his caster. That or his caster declined to charge in since I had extra bloodweavers to just replace that one. The Wolves of Orboros killed the last Bloodrunner, and then repositioned towards the zone. My Argus ran toward my flag and Mohsar maltreated him. Mohsar then healed up the Pureblood, Sanded behind Tibbers, Barked, and hopped back to a Wolf of Orboros. The Pureblood then started beating up the Sentry, missing some attacks leaving it barely alive. In hindsight, I thought that it was def 12, so some of the attacks that I missed would have connected. My Fulcrum then moves over and shoots its lightning gun at the Gladiator. I forgot that it was def 14 from being engaged, but rolled the 8 anyways. The electroleap went to the Pureblood, which killed it after I rolled an 11 for damage. I boosted the original bolt vs the Sentry and finished it off. I then shoot the fireball at Zaadesh at tibbers and sprayed at Zaadesh. I don’t recall exactly what happened here, but at some point Zaadesh took a hit, declined to transfer, and took another 2-3 damage. I then continued to shoot Tibbers with what I had left and did a bit of damage. This include moving one of my Wyrds up towards the center of the zone so that I could shoot Tibbers in the back arc and ignore his shield.

Fourth Round - Skorne: This was a pretty quick turn for Zaadesh and he had few models left, but I was starting to run low on time. Around here things start to get a bit hazy for me. Tibbers gets rushed and Zaadesh moves towards my flag. Tibbers walks his sad 6” towards my flag and bonks a nearby bloodweaver. The Gladiator continues to escort her towards it.

Fifth Round - Circle: I believe that I spent this next turn just shooting down Tibbers and moving the Wolves of Orboros across the Table. I move my Argus over to contest my flag. Around now I have maybe 1.5 minutes remaining.

Fifth Round - Skorne: My opponent doesn’t have a lot of options at this point since he basically has just a paingiver or two and the gladiator to contest the zone. At this point the only way I lose is via clocking. He sends in the Gladiator to kill my Woldwyrd and then charges my Wild Argus. I place it a bit hastily and he is able to both stand on the flag and beat on my Argus. He misses and then connects 2-3 times during his next four buys. He decided to stop trying to kill the Argus and camp two.

Sixth Round - Circle: I don’t have much time left, but Zaadesh has very few boxes left so I know I just need to kill/nearly kill the gladiator and one Argus combo-bite will kill him. I Power Swell the Wolves and they charge the gladiator doing good damage. I then waste 20 seconds or so shooting him with the fulcrum, moving around Wyrds to then decide to just not take shots. The pureblood charge in and finished off the Gladiator. I have about 15 seconds left so I calmly walk the argus over, Doppler Bark, hit the Combo bite, boost damage, and rolled a 6 which is what I needed exactly.

Reflections: As with most jank casters, it is easy to burn up your clock while thinking about all the crazy stuff you can do. I easily wasted 10-15 minutes figuring out whether I could get Mohsar to his caster 2nd round, whether I could get everything within Line of Sight, how I would get them there, and then if I should go for it. I got quite lucky that my feat effectively took his Gladiator out of the game an

Battle Report # 2

This has a couple pictures to use, fortunately! Again, not everything I’ll have exactly correct, but I think I am pretty dang close! Last round of the masters I was locked into Mohsar. I had some back luck in the pairings where half the people I would have dropped him into no problem I ended up not playing in the earlier rounds. I played Wurmwood into pXerxis, Gyrrshyld (Goreshade 4), and Caine3. My last round opponent opted to play Irusk2 instead of Butcher3. His Butcher3 was in Kayazy theme and was built to try and beat Cryx’s Ghost Fleet since Butcher brings RFP. After the game he told me he was worried that Butcher would just get Cursed and shot to death since he didn’t have sac-pawn as he normally would in a Winter Guard theme. The Irusk2 list was also in Kayazy theme, and the list was something like:

Irusk2 - Jaws of the Wolf
Greylord Forge Seer (Free)
Kayazy Assassins + UA
Kayazy Assassins + UA
Kayazy Eliminators
Kayazy Eiminators
Widowmaker Scouts
Widowmaker Marksmen

Scenario was Two Flags and had a fair amount of terrain, with a house in the middle, some trenches, wall, and a hill on one side. The other had a forest, hedge, and rubble. I won the roll and my opponent decided to take the first side that I mentioned. Fortunately my list has no advanced deploy, so my opponent’s tier benefit was useless! My opponent deployed his Widowmakers opposite my Wolves of Orboros, so I was gonna just have to deal with them getting shot a lot.

First Round - Circle: I ran most of my models full and put Mirage on the Wolves. They tried to use the hedge and a pillar of salt to provide some protection. I didn’t try to keep them too far back, as I hoped they would advance forward and shoot so my fulcrum the following turn could try and kill a couple. Because of the house my army was split, so I had the Purebloods and Wyrds going up the right side of the board the bloodweavers ran full, spread out, and a couple started hiding behind the house.

First Round - Khador: My opponent positioned pretty conservatively, rotating his forces towards a corner of the table. Irusk2 cast Solid Ground, Energizered his Jacks, but stayed deep in the killbox for now. Kayazy ran up a bit, as did the Jacks, and the widowmakers took shots at my Wolves of Orboros.

Second Round - Circle: There are a few Kayazy in charge threat of my Wolves of Orboros, so I upkeep Mirage and get my Wolves in charge position. I want to get Mohsar into his Kayazy on the right portion of the table, so I run up a bloodweaver and rile a Pureblood who isn’t going to be doing anything this turn. Mohsar then aims and ports in spraying three Kayazy. He kills two and the third toughs. I then crevasse a Kayazy, killing it, and my opponent fails his tough roll. The spray that comes out hits two other Kayazy and an Underboss. All the three hit rolls connect, killing one Kayazy and the Underboss. The third Kayazy passes his tough check. Mohsar then ports back. Five kills not too shabby! My Wolves charge on the other flank and CMA, needing 5’s to hit on Kayazy. I hit all three of them and each Kayazy fails their tough check. I reposition my Wolves around. At this point the table state looks like this.

You can see the chunk of Kayazy that are missing in the bottom unit. That is where Mohsar’s victims previously were!

You can see the chunk of Kayazy that are missing in the bottom unit. That is where Mohsar’s victims previously were!

The woldwyrd moves up the table and makes room for the Fulcrum. The Fulcrum then moves up and shoots the lightning bolt at a Widowmaker and boosts. The shot connects, killing that Widowmaker another with the electroleap. I shoot the fire AOE at the Kayazy which deviates backwards and clips my Wolf of Orboros and his Kayazy. Neither of us die to the blast, but both are on fire. My other Warpwolf doesn’t really know what to do so it just walks around outside of my opponent’s run to engage threat. I activate other Woldwyrd who also moves up. It is at this point that I realize that I didn’t rile my other Warwolves at all and Mohsar is going to be short on fury. I max out the Woldwyrd as well as my Wild Argus, but I am still going to need to cut next turn.

Second Round - Khador: Irusk has to get out of the killbox and move up, so he drops solid ground, else he might just immediately die to Wyrds. He drops an artifice to give some of his solos and Jack Marshal’s cover and then feated. His Kayazy crashed into my Wolves of Orboros and a couple Bloodweavers. After the dust cleared, I had no Wolves and one less Bloodweaver. His clam jack ran to contest my flag and the Juggarnaut stayed just a little bit back. The Kayazy and Eliminators then swarmed the hill behind the Jacks.

Third Round - Circle: Mohar cuts for two and I look at the board. I have a lot of Kayazy in my face now, but I feel confident that I can clear them either through blast damage from a single fireball, or a Bloodweaver Bloodburst. Two weavers with the gang bonus miss their attacks, while a third that is solo hits the 9, go figure. Unfortunately that Bloodweaver off by themself didn’t have anything to kill with the burst. The Fulcrum walks over and drop a fire bomb on the Kayazy which pretty much kills them all, and a follow-up spray cleans up the rest. I shoot the lightning-bolt at the widowmaker solo who is stealth, so I miss. The Wyrd follows up and finished off the Underboss who toughs at first, but eventually falls to the Wyrd’s fury. The Wild Argus postures near my opponent’s flag.

On the other side of the table my opponent’s Demolisher is within range of a Pureblood charge, so I move up Mohsar and Curse of Shadow it. He sprays it and I accidently postion Mohsar so that he is just barely out of threat of a Kayazy. I boost damage and put a couple points of damage on the Demolisher. Mohsar maltreats the Woldwyrd. He’s still on 5 fury at the moment so I decide to burn two by dropping a salt pillar to mess with the Jugg’s movement. In hindsight this was pointless since he had widowmakers that had nothing else to do but sniper the pillar. I could have at least healed a warbeast for 2. I then feat since there probably won’t be a better opportunity. My Pureblood charges in, and in hindsight I am pretty sure I forget the assault! My first punch does 5 or so damage and I boost my second damage roll which does about the same. I then buy and boost damage after I hit again, rolling a 16 doing 10 damage! At this point the Demolisher has lost its right gun and cortex. My Woldwyrd moves up and starts shooting at Kayazy. I boost against an Eliminator and kill it, and boost against a Kayazy which I hit, but it toughs. I miss my last shot. My second Pureblood moves up and spray the Demolisher, catching a bloodweaver and two Kayazy in the spray. I am running a bit hot on fury so I only boost against the Kayazy. I miss one, connect with the other who fails the tough check, miss my bloodweaver, and miss the Demolisher as well. Mohsar is a bit vulnerable at the moment since there are two Kayazy in charge range of Mohsar that I was expecting to be dead between the Mohsar spray that was out of range, the Woldwyrd, and the two Pureblood sprays. The Gobber Chef stands in front of Mohsar in hopes that he might block a landing charge lane.

Round Three - Khador: My opponent isn’t happy with the board state and is looking at at how to kill Mohsar. The widowmakers snipe the salt pillars, and the marksmen kills the gobber. Irusk allocates two to the Juggarnaut and energizes. He then casts Battlelust on the Kayazy. The Juggarnaut walks up to a Bloodweaver and attempts to throw her. He boosts to hit, which he does, and also hits the throw vs Mohsar. The Bloodweaver explodes and Mohsar takes some damage. Mohsar is also knocked down, now. The Demolisher bulldozes the Pureblood to the side and a bloodweaver out of the way as well to open up a charge lane. He then shoots Mohsar and I transfer the hit from the working gun and eat the hit from the broken gun, leaving me on 4 boxes and two transfers. He activates the Kayazy, but he still either only has one charge lane, or he doesn’t have the distance on one of them, because only one Kayazy actually charges Mohsar while the other runs. I transfer the Battlelusted Kayazy hit. The other Kayazy charge my Wyrd and Pureblood. The eliminators charge my Pureblood, but don’t have the distance to be able to side-step over to Mohsar so they just keep hitting the Pureblood. Last is the Greylord who runs to his flag in an attempt to screen and to prevent me from scoring. His Devastator aims and shoots at my bloodweavers behind the house. He forgets that they are stealth though, and the deviation goes into empty space. I survive the turn with 4 hp and 1 transfer.

Round Four - Circle: I am running a bit hot on fury, but I know that I can slip a Bloodweaver by past the Greylord and get within 2” of Irush who is on zero camp. I also have one last Bloodweaver that I can Sands back to. I leave two fury on the Wyrd engaged by Kayazy, take two fury from the other Wyrd on the left side, take 4 fury from the Pureblood surrounded by Kayazy, and leave one fury on the Pureblood nearby me. If I can get the Pureblood near me to spray and clear out some of the Kayazy surrounding my other Pureblood, that is an additional attack I can get on Irusk. After that I have my unengaged Wyrd that can shoot Irusk, as well as the Fulcrum lightning bolt. If all else fails I can also try to drift a blast onto him and light him on fire.

I do the threshhold check and luckily my Pureblood passes. He warps Ghostly to get away from a nearby Kayazy and boosts to clear some off of the other Pureblood. Success! Just to make life easier, I see if my Argus can kill that Greylord so I don’t have to waste time toeing around him. He charges with the combo bite, but his body is out. I choose to try and roll the 5 so that I can try buy and boost damage if I leave him on a few boxes. The argus misses. I go ahead and run the bloodweaver staying up against the left side of the house and move up to Irusk. I doppler bark, and accidently hit him with my stick before Cursing him.

Mohsar then jumps away. The Woldwyrd tip toes up, and starts shooting Irusk. All three shots connect, and Irusk dies.

Reflections: I was pretty happy with how I played over-all, though I think I should have focused down the few Kayazy in charge range of Mohsar harder. I was going to lose the Pureblood for sure, but I was winning the left flank pretty convincingly and felt confident I could clean up most of the Kayazy the next turn and start cleaning up his remaining Jacks.

Where Now?: The CID Fulcrum buffs are coming out, so it will be exciting to see how much strong that makes Mohsar feel, and if I perhaps want to even take a second! Expect to continue seeing him throughout the year!