How Each Faction Should Be Nerfed

With wild and sourceless speculation consuming the Warmachine community, let's take a minute to relax and review how each faction should be nerfed if they were to receive a nerf.


All versions of Haley gain Animosity: Anyone with flaws. As the darling child of the swan army, Haley is tired of dealing with screw ups getting in her way. She brought herself back from the dead, and not in a Cryxian way. Clearly she doesn't need help from lesser mortals. Leave the army at home, Haley is all you need.


Harbinger's Divinity ability changed to "When this model is knocked down, Harbinger's FOCUS is reduced to 1 for the rest of the game in divine retribution for allowing herself to be sullied by touching the ground."


The Old Witch becomes a Cryxian model instead of Khadoran. If Khador players won't use her, then maybe Cryx players will.


Inflictor revealed to just be an Ogrun Bokur resculpt instead of a new warjack.


Iosans have run out of souls - every living model is now Soulless. All units break apart into solos costing fractions of points. All Retribution Soulless are Fearless. Massive stat rebalancing to reflect their lack of souls.


Cephalyx split off to become their own, independent faction, but receive no new casters. Thor Steinhammer now fills the role of warcaster in an army.


Jason Watt no longer allowed to play Convergence. Now someone else at GenCon can win something.


Models with Tough do not make Tough checks when disabled by an attack with a fire weapon. Models suffering a continuous effect lose Tough. We'll worry about changing continuous effects next year.


Krueger2's feat changed to "suffer -2 movement" instead of -2 SPD. That, or we could just get rid of the Destruction scenario. Or both.


All models with Eyeless Sight now permanently affected by Blind at the start of the game, reapplied every Maintenance phase.




Croak Raiders lose Immunity: Corrosion. Come on, let Cryx have at least one option against these guys.