Blog Update - March 2016

Okay, it's been about 2 weeks since I posted on this particular section of the blog, the main Articles section. Even longer since a new Jank Tank  or Tournament Report. What gives?

The simple answer is that I'm still committed to and fulfilling my initial goal of one new piece of content a week. I had some spectacular responses to my earlier articles, but the reality is I can't make articles like Why There Is No Worst Warmachine Faction every week. Jank Tank is fun, but I need time to build and practice crazy lists. Tournament Reports require that we not only have someone play in a tournament, but that the reports for that tournament are interesting. And while articles like How to Ask for Useful Feedback are great and (in my opinion) very helpful, I'm not going to write them for the sake of writing them. I'm only going to write those articles when I feel motivated and inspired to do so over other projects. So the short answer is I've been working on other projects that I'm currently more excited about, but I guarantee that more posts will be coming.

So what have I been working on instead? First, House Shyeel Podcasters. This is really only for Retribution players. While it doesn't generate as much traffic generally as the broader articles, I think it fills a very important void in the Retribution community, and I've already seen extremely encouraging results. I'm going to keep at it on a twice a month basis. In the future, this should be in addition to broader Ghost Dice content instead of filling the new content criteria I set, but for now, they take too much time and work for me to do that.

Second, new videos! I really like the style I chose for the battle report videos - half an hour, no nonsense, not just recapping the game, but talking about strategies, list intent and design, and the matchup beyond just the one game. However, they aren't yet standardized or high enough quality yet. I'm new to making videos, but I think my next one (coming soon!) should help standardize the pattern for me.

Third, the New Player's Guide. I've got several ideas for this, and I've been experimenting on it. I hope that once I get it set up, I won't need to edit it much, but I think what I'm going to do will be very helpful for newer players to the game, or even for faction hoppers. This project is going to take a while, but I hope it will be a constant, reliable tool for the community.

Fourth, Auction Machine. It's a more casual format along the lines of Who's the Boss and Spell Draft that I created. I've only run an Auction Machine event once, but I've got a second coming up. Expect to see the first round of rules for Auction Machine soon so you can run your own Auction Machine events in your area, along with a report on how the first Auction Machine of 2016 went.

Anyway, that's what I'm working on. I know I've got some people subscribed to updates here who don't care about the Ret podcast or some of these other things, but I wanted to make sure you knew I hadn't abandoned the articles. Stay subscribed, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook (links at the bottom!), and I hope you'll love the newer content. Thanks for reading! Ghost Dice has already been far more successful than I hoped, and I'm grateful I get to keep doing it.