A few months ago on our way back from a tournament, Bret and I were talking about ways we could get more players coming to tournaments. While the game is still very healthy, some of the bigger events in Texas had faded. We decided to do something to make tournaments more exciting.

Enter the Warboy Invitational.

For the next 11 months, we are organizing tournaments with locals in cities all over Texas and the surrounding states. The winner of each tournament will qualify for the grand final at a new con I am organizing for next year. Currently, we are looking at holding the convention and finals in July in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Our hope is that these qualifier tournaments will provide strong events to entice players to rally around. The qualifier tournaments should help the community grow stronger, give stores stronger support through bigger events, and be a ton of fun for everyone involved. Serious players will have clear events worth traveling for, and casual players will get to meet and play with players from all over.

The winner of each tournament will receive:

  • Title of Champion of that region
  • Qualifier spot at the WARBOY INVITATIONAL summer 2018
  • Opportunity to write a tournament report or article to be published on Ghost-Dice.com
  • Any prize support as decided by the tournament organizer

Second place will get a shot at any rewards first place declines.

The first tournament is coming up! August 26 at Texas Toy Soldier. You can find more details here.

See you there!