Jan 15, local 50 point Steamroller


I won the tournament! Had a great day playing against some tough opponents in a 16 man event. ADR was in effect, and we were beta testing some of the new scenarios (so no pictures or scenario details).

Game 1 vs Charlie’s Krueger 1

I picked Thyron into this matchup. I figured if he picked Kromac2, my Issyria list would have trouble, and Krueger1 could also shock Issyria with lightning. I have to say that Krueger1 was better than I expected. He had a ton of attacks. For ADR, I swapped out Aiyana and Holt for two MHA, and the Magister out for Madelyn.

I think I went first. The sides were pretty even. This was a new scenario with two flags and two objectives, and ended up being rather interesting. I ran everything forward trying to get where I could threaten stuff. Storm Rager went on Skeryth, Assail on the Banshee.Banshee towards left flag, Thyron central, Halbs on the right and Sentinels behind them with Infiltrators AD centrally.

K1, he also runs up and gets in charge range with some of his stuff. Punch goat is off to my left, ready to challenge the Banshee. Megalith moves a little to the right and tries to throw a spell, but nothing comes of it. Krueger stays behind his objective and the Blood Weavers are left of center.

T2 Enough is in charge range that the Infiltrators get to do some work this turn. Thyron upkeeps spells and casts Onslaught. Infiltrator charges do some damage to Megalith and a Feral, but nothing too serious. I try to take out one of his two stone units, but fail to break it. I end with Infiltrators in his face, Halbs just behind them, and Sentinels just behind them on my right flank. The Banshee is behind a wall daring the goat to get closer, and the Pain Knight is a little right of center.

K2 He feats and uses a combination of attacks from all his models and Electroleaps to kill nearly all my Infiltrators (2 of them had been stuck behind other models due to a positioning mistake, but this actually preserved them for late game, which was actually awesome) all the Halbs except the leader, flag, and 1 more, and 2 Sentinels. The volume of attacks he was able to put out was impressive. He also caught Madelyn and both MHA. Ended with only Krueger in a unit of stones. I score on both flags this turn, going up to 2 points. Megs also had his animus up.

T3 I feat , everything charges under Onslaught. Banshee kills punch goat, Pain Knight kills a Feral, and Halbs and Sents kill Megalith. With a few attacks thinning out the Blood Weavers, he’s left with about half of them, 1 heavy, 1 broken stone unit, 1 full stone unit, and a Gorax. I end with a Banshee getting a point on the left flag and something else (I think Thane) getting a point on the right flag.

K3 He tries to come back and does manage to kill a bunch of my Sentinels and finish off all but the flag on the Halbs, but I’ve still got Skeryth, Thyron, and a Banshee with I think 5 or so Sentinels. His Pureblood stays behind his wall and sprays obnoxiously, killing the Thane., Gorax doesn’t do anything, and Blood Weavers are having a hard time killing enough. Stone UA and the Druid Wilder are contesting the right flag, a Tree, Blood Weaver, and a Stone are contesting the right one. Krueger used Tornado to knock down Skeryth, but he didn’t hit anything.

T4 The remaining Infiltrators charge and kill the Stone UA and the Wilder. I didn’t expect to get the Wilder, but some good rolls meant clearing both zones and killing his objective were possible. My Banshee also could charge Krueger, but I held onto that until after everything else moved. Sentinels missed a couple attacks, but one managed to get around Krueger’s feat and put a bunch of damage on the objective. Nice! If I have to, a Banshee shot might finish it (need to roll a 10 on boosted damage). Skeryth picks up his horse and trundles to the right flag. Thyron charges from behind his wall thanks to Onslaught and clears the stuff around the flag, ending base to base with it. This opens up the Banshee charge lane to the objective. Banshee charges it and kills it for the 5 VP win.

Thoughts - Thyron’s list of 3 waves of infantry with heavier guys mixed in worked fantastically, exactly how I wanted it to. Skeryth is a terrifying man to deal with in this list, the Banshee is solid, and all the infantry is self sufficient enough that anything Thyron does for them is just gravy. The feat meant I was easily able to hit the higher def warbeasts, and their naturally high pow was fine as is. Krueger1 also hates it when you Shield Wall and Defensive Line to make his electroleaps struggle.

Round 2, Issyria vs. Albert’s Haley3

He won the roll to go first, so I pick the side with a wall near the flag. This scenario had a central zone and two flags.

H1 She runs everything forward. Big forest towards the left touching the zone. Gun Mages run left of the forest mostly, Trenchers cloud up with Tactical Supremacy, everything else runs behind them (Stormblades, Captain, Storm Lances, arc node light jack) and Haley summons her BFFs.

I1 MHSF walk up and shoot, kill about 3 Trenchers. Stuff runs up, Issyria towards the left to get behind the wall. Hyperion towards the center, Imperatus and Discordia off to the right. End with Discordia’s Imprint running on a number of MHSF and Inviolable Resolve on Hype.

H2 About a third of my MHSF die this turn to Gun Mages and assaulting Storm Lance electroleaps. No other damage done. Clouds go up again, but everything is getting closer.

I2 Issyria feats, Blinding Light hits the Gun Mages (bad news bears for them) before using Velocity to get back behind the wall, and everyone shoots. Issyria keeps some focus, Discordia kills a bit, Imperatus kills some Storm Lances, and Hype does a lot of work. MHSF also make some good shots to thin out his army. Definitely feeling confident here. I clear the zone for 1 point.

H3 Gun Mages that can’t shoot are REALLY sad. They just run at Issyria to be threats next turn. He makes some more attacks, damaging Imperatus and killing more MHSF, but honestly does little else. I don’t have many MHSF left by this point, but they’ve already done great work. Haley dominates her flag for 1.

I3 This turn could have gone better for me. Hype gets 1, others don’t get any. Issyria Blinding Lights the Gun Mages again. Elara charges the Gun Mages, needing boosted 7’s to hit, and misses both initials on the first one. Ouch. She was supposed to hit and use Side Step to kill 2 Gun Mages and get back to safety. Instead she’s at a bad position with her back arc facing more enemy than I like, but buys a final attack to kill one Gun Mage and get Hyperion 2 focus total. After clearing up a few more enemies and forcing the Gun Mages to fail a command check, Issyria ends on the flag, getting me up to 2 points, and my Soulless keeps him from scoring again.

H4 Pendrake takes a long shot at Elara and hits her in the back. Rolling at dice -4, he needs a 9 to kill and rolls…. a 7. Phew! Lancer gets into a spot to arc a spell at Elara, but Issyria uses Arcane Void to cancel it. More resurrection, more MHSF dying, Soulless dies, a little more damage on Imperatus, and he ends at 2 points, but his Gun Mages fail the command check again, allowing me to get to 3 points.

I4 Gun Mages are scared and too far away to do anything for the rest of the game. I’ve got a problem with too many models to kill and an injured Elara I really need to protect. She ends up just running for the deployment zone, completely out of reach, but obviously out of allocation range. Hyperion has a shot onto a Stormblade next to Baby Haley, but needs to roll a 9 to hit. Issyria Ancillary attacks him, and I roll… DOUBLE SIXES. Crit consume removes the Stormblade and Baby Haley from the game, doing a bit more damage. This is huge. Everything else gets up and makes some attacks. I finish killing all the Storm Lances, but I’m not able to get to his flag. I go up to 4, he’s at 3.

H5 It’s close now. Haley continues to jam my army, but she’s losing models fast.His Lancer gets within contest range of my flag, and he jams Imperatus and Discordia with his Squire, a Stormblade, and Grandma Haley. He doesn’t have much left, but it’s getting really close with the scenario. He ends at 4 points.

I5 I pop Imperatus’s Phoenix Protocol, as he is likely to take a free strike charging the Lancer with a crippled shield from a Haley, and I don’t want to risk a huge damage spike costing me the game. Discordia tramples over the jammers and sits angrily by Haley’s flag. Hyperion scoots back to clear Imperatus’s charge lane, but hits the 7 to punch the Lancer and ends him at dice +4. I win the game with 5 VP.

Thoughts - this was a really awesome game. Albert was a great opponent. There were a few super key dice rolls that would have drastically changed the game (Gun Mage command checks, Hype crit, Elara missing attacks, Pendrake not killing Elara) but it went just enough in my favor that I was able to pull out a win. I think I would play this list vs. Haley3 again, but once again scenario is a problem with so few models on my side. It’s an insanely hard army to chew through, though, and a lot of fun.

Game 3, Thyron vs. Karston’s Grissel2

He chose to go second so he could score first since the scenario design very much looked like a “whoever scores first wins” type of build. Two zones, one friendly, with objectives. The game itself was quite straight forward.

T1 I ran everything forward. MHSF (ADR’d them in for the Infiltrators, swapped in an MHA over a Magister) are already in his zone, Sentinels behind them, Halbs on the right over my zone. I just ran as far as I could.

G1 He uses Dash to run forward, but forgets to feat.

T2 MHSF get some great shots on the Stone and kill a few of its members. They’re mostly just outside of reach to practically his whole army. Pain Knight central, MHA on the left, Sentinels mostly behind MHSF with a few more aggressively positioned to bait Vengeance. Banshee shoots a Champ to kill it and knock down 2 others. Halbs charge some Champs and some Warders that Aiyana had Kissed. Dice explode and end everything by murdering 3 Champs and I think 3 Warders. Thyron is in his zone with Onslaught and his whole army just jamming the crap out of the trolls.

G2 He lost a lot more than he expected. He does manage to kill some stuff, but it isn’t nearly enough. Mulg comes out to eat Halbs, Warders kill anything they can get their hands on, and he fails to kill Skeryth with Grissel’s gun. I score on his turn, going to 1.

T3 Sentinels Vengeance, kill or damage Warders and Champs. Skeryth clears out some models, Thyron feats. Banshee charges Mulg and leaves him on 4 after some bad dice. Sentinels charge and kill a bunch more, and clear a path for the MHA to charge Mulg and finish him off. I actually forgot to activate the Halbs, but I was really far ahead this game, and they were already doing their job of keeping his whole army away from Thyron. I go to 2.

G3 His dice fail him spectacularly, and his attacks leave Skeryth and the Banshee alive. More Halbs, MHSF, and Sentinels die, but not many. I go to 3.

T4 Sentinels charge a Kissed objective and I dominate once more to get 5 points.

Thoughts - I love this list vs. Trolls. It’s super fast and able to easily protect the Sentinels long enough against his very punchy army. He forgot to feat and made some mistakes, but it was a really long day for him (drove in from Witchita Falls) and the dice were crazy one sided. Still, I was shocked at how well I kept him from even touching my zone.

Game 4 vs. Bret’s Runes of War

Having lost against Runes at the last tournament, I was anxious to try it again with a new list. I won the roll to go first. The scenario looked very hard to score, with 4 flags and 2 objectives. That being the case, I chose to give him the table edge that looked like it would make the walls hard to place. He actually had to place them vertically instead of horizontally, or else they couldn’t fit at all. I used ADR to take the same list I had the previous game.

D1 He runs stuff up with Runeshapers spread out all over the flanks and the Stone in a konga line in the center. Fort Doomy bricks up.

T1 My MHSF all run and punch up behind a giant stone pillar obstruction in the middle of the table, looking to aim and shoot his Stone next turn. Halbs Shield Wall on the right, Sentinels run on the left and try to stay out of Runeshaper range, Banshee left of center and Skeryth right of center.

D2 He runs a Krielstone member up really far, then the Mauler gets an Axer animus, walks forward, and chucks the dude into my MHSF, killing 5 of them. Everything else moves up and bricks.

T2 Lots happened here. Centrally, my 6 MHSF shoot the stone and kill a few members of the unit. On the right, Halbs charge and kill a few Runeshapers at max range. Because of the giant middle obstruction, it’s basically a unit of Halbs vs 2 units of Runeshapers on that side. I save the mini feat. In the middle, Aiyana Kisses the Mauler, Banshee knocks down an Earthborn behind a wall, and 5 Sentinels charge the Mauler to kill him and a few Runeshapers on the left. Thyron has Onslaught up and stays safe.

D3 On the right, Runeshapers kill a few Halbs, but not much. One knocks down 3 of them. The Runeshapers and friends kill a bunch of Sentinels, clearing a path for an Earthborn with Rush to charge the Banshee. His dice fail him and the Banshee lives with only a left and movement up.

T3 Sentinels Vengeance the Earthborn and manage to kill him. Arcanist repairs the Banshee, who still has Assail up. With Onslaught, he charges Mulg and misses both attacks, needing 5’s to hit. This was actually a good thing for me, as a slower Mulg is easier to deal with. Sentinels kill more Runeshapers, too, but I’m running out of them. MHSF shoot the stone some more, but I don’t think I killed more than 1 this time. On the right, Halbs clear out the Runeshapers and my MHA runs to claim his flag for the first VP of the game.

D4 More Runeshapers attack Sentinels. He kills the Banshee with the Axer, Mulg trundles forward and kills Aiyana, Holt, and a few others with Goad. I go to 2 VP since he’s unable to contest.

T4 Thyron now only has one job - survive. Sentinels at the point are just keeping Runeshapers on the left from scoring (not hard in this silly scenario), and get some help from the Arcanist who runs just to be in range of contesting. Pain Knight and Halbs charge, killing his objective and killing I think the last of the Runeshapers on the right side. All my MHSF are gone, but my brave Soulless runs to engage Mulg. I go to 4.

D5 Mulg frenzies. He’s Threshold 10 and he rolled an 11, and completely obliterates my Soulless in a fit of mindless rage. Very impressive. Bret’s Axer Threshers against Skeryth and some Halbs, manages to unhorse Skeryth, but leaves him alive. He is about an inch or so short of getting a Stonebearer into contesting range, and I win at 5 points.

Thoughts - okay, so ignoring the bad scenario, this was a pretty fun game for me. I felt pretty good about how the piece trading started (MHSF killed by Mauler killed by Sentinels killed by Runeshapers killed by Sentinels etc) and felt really good at how I protected Thyron. Made sure he was more than 11 from Mulg and had no friendlies within 6 to get goaded onto. Halbs, Sentinels, Skeryth, MHSF… everything this game did amazing work. The MHA was my favorite, and she never made a single attack, just sat on a flag for a few turns.

Wrap up thoughts

Overall, I really liked this list pair. Thyron was incredible against melee armies, and Issyria is fantastic against ranged or magic heavy armies. I need to work on the ADR, as I wasn’t able to swap out exactly what I wanted with Thyron sometimes. I might buy a second unit of MHSF to run with Eiryss3 in Issyria’s list with the credit I won. I think being able to drop Imperatus for a second MHSF unit is insane, or drop Hype for MHSF and Electromancers. The Thyron list worked excellently with the MHSF and Infiltrators swapping out. I loved having 3 units come in waves that hit progressively harder. It was very powerful, and I kept the most important stuff safe until it could get there.

I don’t know that either of these lists would work well into Bradigus, and some Legion might be tricky, but they’re excellent lists overall. I’m really happy with them and might play around with them some more while I have Rahn on the sidelines.