Mar 5, Asgard WMW points qualifier by Chris Leake

Bane Knights
Bane Knights
Nyss Hunters
Withershadow Combine
Bile Thralls (6)
Mechanithralls (6)
Bane Lord Tartarus


Bloodgorgers (6)
Satyxis Raiders
-Sea Witch
Satyxis Blood Witches
-Blood Hag
Mechanithralls (6)
Gerlak Slaughterborn
Darragh Wrathe
Saxon Orrik
Raider Captain


I traveled to Asgard Games in Houston for the WMW Points Series, and also because I love a place called House(WORLD) of Pies. I got to meet lots of fun people that talked about weird things and drank beer, and played games with them! So, no further ado, games!


Round 1
My opponent was a nice fellow that had traveled from Lafayette, LA and was running an ADR pairing of Durgen/Thexus. I decided I would probably drop Lich2 as I'm very comfortable into the Thexus match, and figured I could make do with the Durgen. He chose Durgen/Breaker ADR'd some Gunmages in, I chose Lich2. Lost the opening roll in what would become a pattern for the day. We played Two Fronts

His list (as close as I can remember):
Gunmages + UA

Turn 1-1
He runs forward, taking his turn first. I took the side with the forest, given that I know what Erfbreakers do. Nyss on one flank, gun mages on the other, breaker on the middle nearish his nyss, protecting his zone. Press Gangers of course get Primed. The Breaker runs forward under Red Line. Everything else starts to square off against what it wants to kill.

Turn 1-2
I move my Bane Knights agressively forward, hugging hills and forests where possible. I keep a very wary eye on the breaker, and only cast Hellbound on myself and camp 4 after moving into the forest out of LOS. Biles durdle nearby Lich2, getting ready for where ever I can get an excarnate into the enemy forces. Nyss square off against his gun mages, various support bits hang out in the back. I kill 3 McThralls to fuel feat, then bring them back. Arc Node moves kinda to the middle of the board, toe in the forest.

Turn 2-1
He moves forward, starting the carpet bombing of my forces. That Durgen gun with Artillerist is something else! Gun mages pick off two nyss with the whole unit, as even they have problems with Def 17. His Nyss kinda durdle in the back, shooting a few bane Knights, but nothing tragic happens. Eiryss moves agressively towards that same bane unit, obviously gunning for Lich2. He kills 6 Banes grand total and jams the PGs into my other bane unit.

Turn 2-2
I decide to feat, and it was mostly ok, but I make a pretty big error in judgement, as I thought 14 banes without Parasite would be sufficient to down the Breaker. (Spoiler: It wasn't) The feat turn was ok though, as I continued getting things into position to nuke the Nyss when ever that sweet exarnate presented itself. After I screwed up the parasite by not moving the node far enough forward, I decided to take the consolation prize of excarnating a Nyss into a bile and clearing off most of the PGs. I get no souls though, because Primed is the end of fun for Cryx. End of the turn sees Lich2 on the enemy zone side of the forest, Breaker at ~15 boxes with left and right out, PGs mostly gone, and about 3 Gun Mages gone from the Nyss returning fire. I also scored the first point, taking out the objective with Bane charges.

Turn 3-1
I expected this to be much, much worse, but I had managed to jam up/eliminate so many things that he had a hard time dealing with the remaining models. His PGs durdle, tying up my node in the middle of the board and putting them in range of Admonia's Disbinding. He feats this turn, but the damage to the breaker and things just being generally out of position was a big problem. The moment of truth came, when Eiryss walks forward with purpose, and aims a PHANTOM SEEKER BOLT at Lich2 (I had no idea she had it, wamp wamp) and rolls a...Snake Eyes. She needed a 6. I thank the Dice Gods for my luck. He ends turn after launching more AoEs into my line with Durgen (such a good ability!).

Turn 3-2
Ok. So this turn we really really need to take out the Eyriss and the Breaker. This mission was accomplished by BLT, new banes, a bile and the Dastardly Lich himself. Lich decides to go ham, and charge Eyriss for insulting him with crossbow bolts. He charges, I roll it hard (didnt want to waste the focus, as I originally planned on exarnating her anyways)...and get the 10 necessary. She flops, and I devour her soul. I then excarnate a Nyss with the help of a puppet strings (Admonia gets Primed off the PGs), getting a bile in range of all the Nyss. Lich teleports back to the corner of the zone on a hill at 1 Camp. BLT charges the Breaker after cursing the Nyss, kills two (making new banes for the 2 remaning from that unit) and manages to get the Breaker to less than 10 boxes. The remaining Bane knights kill the Breaker, the mighty bile wipes the remaining 7 nyss off the map, the right hand flank is failing, but I keep tossing mechanithralls and stitch thralls into the Armory. End turn at 3 points, with only two of his models able to even get to the side to contest. Nyss clean up the PGs finally and kill another 2 Gun Mages.

Turn 4-1
He moves Thor and Dougal into his zone to stop me from winning. Finally gets BLT dead. Moves A&H into my zone to get some work done, but def 17 nyss manage to weather most of it. The damage to the Objective is mitigated with 2 stitch thralls and 2 mechanithralls. Clears off the banes on the other side of the table, Dougal removes the rest of the banes on the other side.

Turn 4-2
I use Lich2 again to get work done and Excarnate Dougal in the back, making a bile after charging Thor. Lich gets it done himself to go up to 5 points for the win.


Round 2

My opponent this round was a local! He played Zaal2, I played Lich3. Went into this very cautiously, as I had only seen Zaal2 once before on the table and I wasn't even playing that game. I yet again lose the roll to go first and saddle him with the side that basically only has rough terrain patches on it. I was mildly surprised by his list choice, as I expected to see Rasheth/Croaks(why don't more Skorne players play this?). We played Close Quarters.

His List:
-Molik Karn
Cetrati (4)
Incindiarii (4)
Character stone guy wot punches things good
Whippy guys

Turn 1-1
He moves everything forward agressively, Molik on my right, the slingers on my left with the Drake and the Krea both with them. Incindiarii move up with Molik. The slower elements get bogged down in the rough terrain patch near the center of the board on his side, As Planned™.

Turn 1-2
I get Ashen Veil on the Raiders, tell them to run faster with the captain, and they run onto a hill midboard across from the slingers. The Witches move up a bit more cautiously and hang out on a hill, the Hag up front. The Gorgers unpack as best they can and get ready to take the brunt of the Incindiarii assaults. Darragh runs out on my right flank to try and keep a damper on Molik. Gerlak stays mid to give gorgers steady. I purposely don't kill anything this turn to keep his souls from getting out of hand.

Turn 2-1
He moves in again, taking his first shots with the incindiarii, catching a couple gorgers on fire, but not killing any (my gorgers didn't understand that they were only 1 box models this entire game). Molik moves up to center board now behind the incindiarii. The Nihilators move agressively into and around a forest mid board, nearish to my flag. The slingers manage to kill one Raider after dropping a boxcars to hit.

Turn 2-2
This is a big turn for me, and where I feel like I began the slide into attrition victory. Upkeep Ashen Veil, none of the fires go out, and none of the gorgers die. I have angry flaming trolls! The trolls charge in past/through my flag to get to an incindiarii and a couple of nihilators, killing them because the Hag was close enough to shut off tough. The Witches charge, pop minifeat, and RFP (making clouds in the process) about 6 Nihilators. The other gorgers run past/through them and intermingle. The raiders charge/run the line of slingers and jam them up right good. Lich3 calmly moves towards the center of the army and away from Molik, camping 6; I considered grabbing the flag to start scoring, but I gave him a few souls this turn and Molik would have been within shenanigans range. I also didn't want to feat yet. The mechanithralls bringing up the rear get into position to counter the incindiarii/molik after they chew through the 6 man gorger unit. Darragh moves up behind the gorgers to pop Beyond Death to make them effectively arm17.

Turn 3-1
He tries to work out the puzzle I've presented him with, killing 5(!) Raiders with a Nihilator berserking with Transference support. The witches stubbornly sit in clouds at 15/13 Incorporeal. He kills off only two of the six Gorgers on the right, the guy from the second turn still alive, still burning. Molik tries to go in and kill Darragh, and fails hilariously (I love Darragh). The Drake tries to disengage and clear off the remaining slingers, but gets whipped by two Raiders' free strikes, doing a completely unreasonable 16 damage AND getting the crit knockdown. He feats for fear of me killing Zaal2.

Turn 3-2
I move Lich3 mostly in the middle of the board, well within range of Zaal2, and too close for him to get out of my Control. I cast carnage, and feat, and camp 4. The remaining Raiders minifeat and kill basically the entire right flank, and even manage to kill one of the cetratii in shield wall because whips are awesome. Darragh hugs Molik, casts Beyond Death again. The remaining gorgers on that side are all on fire, all toughed, all steady, charge the remaining incindiarii and molik, severely wounding molik and finishing off all but one of the fireshooters. The Necrosurgeon, glutted on corpses at this point, adds 3 mcthralls to the unit, and they all charge Molik, failing on enough combo strikes to leave him at around 10 boxes with two systems out. The witches clean up the Nihilators, RFPing them again for a fairly effective cloud wall to prevent any shenanigans getting to Lich3 himself.

Turn 4-1
He kills all but two of my Raiders, they fail their check, but the damage is done. Molik finally manages to kill Darragh, but now he's surrounded by a bunch of things that could kill him. The Cetratii finally make it to the fight, as does angry stone man, but it's all but over at this point. He kills a bunch of stuff, but the only way he can do it is with Transferrence, meaning Lich3 has 8 souls at the end of the turn. He tries to move Zaal away from Lich3, but it's not really possible given his speed and the number of models/terrain around him.

Turn 4-2
The gorgers from the beginning...are still on fire. They are still tough. They are still steady. I will never not take Gerlak in this list again. I make some somewhat silly plays, because I always get nervous with assassination runs. I clear off the single remaining incindiarii with blood witches, nearly getting in my own way to walk to Zaal. Lich3 casts mobility and scything touches himself (*whistles*). Walks 8" to Zaal, and spends a total of 6 focus bonking Zaal2 on the head until he died. I could have minimized the number required if I had actually finished off Molik or the Krea, but I forgot, and besides, time was getting close.


Round 3

This game was against Jeremy Lee, so I knew it was going to be a good one. We talked at the beginning especially considering the Lich3 list is mostly ripped from him to begin with. He won the roll to go first, we had a pretty sparse table, so I took the side with the trench. We played Fire Support. He was running another All Gaspy All the Time pairing, with Lich1 pirates(!) and his Lich3 list. He chose Lich1, and I chose Lich2.

His list:
2x Press Gangers
Mechanithralls (6)
2x Necrosurgeon

Turn 1-1
He moves forward, the PGs agressively throwing themselves across the table (annoyingly; I'm beginning to despise these guys.) The necrosurgeons run up behind them, keeping tabs on them and their bodies. Kraken runs towards the middle, the node running somewhere off to the side in a protected location. Mechanithralls spread waaay across the back of the table with the help of the commander.

Turn 1-2
I really don't like going second against a list with this much assassination pressure. I put out hellbound on myself, move up into the trench in the middle of the board, and toss deamortus and two caustic mists on the right side to protect my bane knights. I camped 0, but I knew Lich1 pretty well, and I was fairly certain he wouldn't be able to get a really good chance on me. The banes gathered around to prevent the auto hitting Breath of Corruption assasination (node couldn't get close enough), and being 19/16 is pretty decent. The Nyss purposefully didn't move up any closer (to avoid the Lich1 feat) and awaited the PGs on the left flank where they would do glorious battle with them for the rest of the game. I notably had left all the stitch thralls over there to get their bodies. The Mechanithralls and BLT move up a bit on the right flank.

Turn 2-1
Jeremy looks mildly disappointed that I didn't take the bait and move the Nyss up for him. He runs his node forward after tossing a focus to the kraken, and I hold my breath. He lands one BoC on Lich2 and spikes damage but thankfully misses everything else; he doesn't feat though, which is good/bad news. Lich2 lives this turn, only taking 6 boxes. The PGs kill one Nyss and RFP another, jamming the rest in there. The PGs on the other side durdle behind the cloudwall. He manages to miss the blast damage on the banes, which would have triggered a particularly nasty vengeance from the right flank banes.

Turn 2-2
I'm looking pretty good, but that node needs to die yesterday. I move up BLT to curse it, and take a whopping 10 banes to put it in the dirt, signaling that my dice were going to do *that* this game. I have a nice semicircle of banes in the middle of the table for him next turn. The epic Nyss/PG battle continues on the right flank, killing 3ish PGs, and both of his stitch thralls so that their bodies were mine. Lich heals 3, and casts two clouds in front of himself to protect from the kraken potentially screwing everthing up.

Turn 3-1
Jeremy charges into my banes with nearly everything, even sweeping with the kraken. He kills 12 banes or so. He leaves BLT alive and untouched and in range of a really juicy thresher. The PGs strike back and RFP another two nyss.

Turn 3-2
I do my vengeances, whiffing on nearly everything. Def 13 is such a pain. Lich continues to hang out in his trench, but this turn we're going to kill that Kraken and hopefully free some things up. Lich2 moves up and puts parasite on the kraken, then feats. BLT curses the PGs literally and figuratively and threshers four of them, making two banes and having two of them tough. The new banes move to kill more PGs and start taking swipes at Admonia who is actually way closer than expected. Kraken dies from feat banes, and the remainder of the banes on the left flank, taking a grand total of 15 to put it down (seems high?). Mechanthralls get bolstered from PG/Nyss bodies and charge the knocked down PGs...and don't kill them (TOUGH!).
Admonia swipes total: 4
Admonia HP: 5

Turn 4-1
The PGs on the left begin to lose steam, and only manage to RFP one Nyss this turn. Hawk charges out of nowhere to get to my Necrosurgeon, and manages to miss her! The PGs continue to clean up the banes, but also continue to put themselves in really good thresher positions. BLT is left unharmed again, as there's not much left that can get to him. Lich1 tosses a couple of supporting spells, and a BoC, Feats, Scything Touches himself (Woooo!) and teleports to set himself up to get to my Objective/Flag next turn.

Turn 4-2
Lich is feeling much more free now, and intends to get his hands dirty. The PGs on the left are down to only two members, and 5 Nyss remain. The Mechanithralls get bolstered again and charge Admonia with 4 members. Vengeances from remaining Banes go on admonia as well. Banes finish off the PGs finally, and put the objective down as well. A bile thrall clears off about 6 mechanithralls and pings Admonia and BLT (sorry buddy, it's for the cause). BLT curses the Withershadow and threshers the objective, two PGs, and Maelovus, making more banes. I put lich up on the flag, on a hill and manage to clear off everything except Admonia. I pick up a soul from a single PG that was in Deamortus that managed to not tough a crap load.
Admonia swipes total: 17 + 1 Bile purge
Admonia HP: 3

Turn 5-1
Admonia's Corrosion goes out. Lich1 charges the objective, kills it, teleports to the flag for 3 points this turn. He brings back 4 mechanithralls and charges into and around my flag, finally killing BLT with my Bile's help. PGs do nothing with the remaining two members.

Turn 5-2
Lich gets fed up, and spends 6 focus punching Admonia and 4 Mechanithralls, teleports back to the flag for three this turn. Nyss and stitch thralls run to contest my flag....and time. I lose to deathclock in a heartbreaker of a game. I can make a lot of excuses here, but really it comes down to me not playing fast enough, and not having a plan until really turn 3.

My experience with this pair was a lot of fun. Lich2 is enough of a Cryx answer, while also being ridiculously good into nearly everything else. The Nyss were interesting, and I like having living bodies to make Mechanithralls out of, but I'm not so sure about their inclusion. Lich3 continues to be my favorite thing ever, and I love the feeling of moving a ton of tough steady bodies with high stats into the middle of the board and feating. I had a lot of great games, and though I wished I could have gone all the way, Jeremy Lee isn't the worst person in the world to lose to! Additionally, I may have to go pick up some PressGangers...those guys are total assholes.