Author: Bret Fogel

Circle is the heavy warbeast faction. You will see more heavies, of more varieties and with more utility than any other faction. With the newfound utility of the Feral Warpwolf, you’ll see a lot of Circle lists just generically start with a Warpwolf Stalker and a Feral Warpwolf - and just adding more heavies from there. Circle also remains the only name in the field of “terrain generation” - we have more types and better forms of forest and rough terrain generation than pretty much every other faction - and now that eyeless sight (and basically everything else) can’t see through forests, that’s become even more powerful. Plus, Circle is now among the most faction-agnostic of all factions, so you will see a lot of Minion models - oh and Reeves. Lots and lots of Reeves. Circle infantry remains weak, Circle casters are easily divided into strong and weak (though some of the names have shuffled pretty drastically, especially Bradigus and Grayle) and relatively easy to assassinate. However, Circle remains among the strongest control factions in the game, with a very rewarding skill cap and plenty of tricks, terrain generation and hit and run.

Krueger 2

  • Krueger 2
    • Warpwolf Stalker
    • Feral Warpwolf
  • Sentry Stones
  • Swamp Gobbers
  • Lanyssa Rysyyl
  • Alten Ashley
  • Dahlia and Skarath
  • Wrongeye and Snapjaw
    • Blackhide Wrastler

OK, you had to see this coming. One of the strongest casters in the game (and my personal favorite) got buffed overall and remains a true scenario monster. Krueger2 still shuts down gunlines just by casting Storm Winds (the new name for the Storm Wall spell), he is still very strong against warjacks/warbeasts because of TK and a negative speed feat, and now he is excellent against melee infantry because of the very strong Rebuke spell. With the loss of Counter Magic from Druids he has picked up a weakness to magic - so consider taking a Woldwyrd or three.

This Krueger2 list is trying to bring as many heavy warbeasts as possible, which are excellent against melee heavies, while using control to shut down guns and infantry. I wanted to run Dahlia and Skarath because they were excellent with Krueger2, and they’ve only gotten better in MK3 - proper play with Haunting Melody can completely shut units down, while the newly buffed Skarath is capable of spraying down entire units by himself. Wrongeye and Snapjaw are an easy additional buy because of the insane power of Star-Crossed and Submerge. At this point, I have two minion heavies, so I can totally justify buying a third one - the excellent Blackhide Wrastler with his shiny new Rage animus. I round out the heavy warbeast count by bringing the standard Warpwolf Stalker and Feral Warpwolf. At this point, I now have five fury 4 heavies that can be TKed to extend their threat range, protected on the way up and can each make 5~6 pow 19~21 attacks each - and can easily clear off 10+ fury a turn with all the minion battlegroups. Next, I add Alten Ashley because he’s amazing, especially if you’re planning to play against trolls. The next priority is to bring models to trigger Prowl (Swamp Gobbers) and block LoS - the Sentry Stone! I think it’s easy to underestimate the Sentry Stone. It’s a tough to kill model that generates a forest (and forests are much harder to ignore in mkd3), and gets to use its fury to boost the rat 6 aiming magical sprays that pop up out of nowhere. End out with Lanyssa for free charges.

The final list has insane damage output to deal with hard targets and especially colossals, and relies on high def + Star-Crossed and Rebuke/Haunting Melody to ignore and control infantry. It remains a scenario monster, and if any of the many, many heavies get on their caster, the assassination is nearly assured

Wurmwood, the warlock formerly known as Cassius

  • Wurmwood
    • Brennos the Elderhorn
    • Wild Argus
    • Argus Moonhound
  • Sentry Stones x2
  • Shifting Stones x2
  • Reeves x2
  • Nyss Hunters
  • Alten Ashley

Throughout the lead up to MK3, I was waiting with fear to see what would happen to my other favorite warlock - Cassius, or rather Wurmwood since the tree is correctly the warlock now. This warlock got some insane buffs with just a handful of wording changes. Cassius now has a separate number of boxes, some defensive rules with Prowl and Steady, and is a channeler that you can pull back with Dark Path, plus he can die without immediately losing you the game. Forests are harder to see through with Eyeless Sight changes, and his feat forest now extends to his 14” control range. Wormwood is less soul hungry by needing only 3 souls per turn, but maintains his arm 21 and Prowl, and becomes more accurate with fury 7. Oh, and he gained Rapid Growth, to extend his already powerful LoS denial tools with a 4" forest anywhere in his control.

This particular Wurmwood build is a fairly dedicated gunline, taking advantage of double Sentry Stones with Rapid Growth to block LoS on normal turns, and using your feat to block complete LoS for a turn. Don’t forget to use Curse of Shadows to unjam your gunline. The guns themselves come from double max Reeves of Orboros - these incredibly accurate, incredibly powerful (four RAT 15, POW 18 shots per turn) are supplemented by Curse of Shadows. Then, I added yet more Hunter CRA guns by adding in the Nyss Hunters who have the additional advantage of being able to charge in with pow 9 weapon master swords when the enemy closes. I think every Wurmwood list should have double Shifting Stones to move the tree in emergencies and Swamp Gobbers to trigger Prowl (though I had to cut them to make points work for this list). The battlegroup includes Brennos the Elderhorn in order to Stranglehold a gun-based heavy or colossal, and then lay down a Wind Ravager and stopping them from attacking completely - plus a boostable pow 14 AOE is very useful. The Argii are support pieces: the Wild Argus for shutting down high def living models that get too close, and the Moonhound makes Reeves even more accurate and provide an answer for Stealth. Alten Ashley rounds out the list because it makes the list very capable of killing a colossal over two turns - and he’s just excellent in general.

The final list has just enough control and support to keep casting one spell a turn (Hellmouth against infantry, or Stranglehold/Curse of Shadows against heavy targets) while still maintaining a forest wall, and protecting Cassius. This allows the 50 CRA shots to go into hard targets again and again until there’s nothing left to threaten them.

Tannith the Feralsong

  • Tannith
    • Woldwrath
    • Gnarlhorn Satyr
    • Feral Warpwolf
  • Reeves
  • Swamp Gobbers
  • Druid Wilder
  • Reeve Hunters x2
  • War Wolves x3
  • Lanyssa Ryssyl

I had a lot of choices for this spot, and chose Tannith because she is the freshest and most interesting. Tannith is a debuff caster in a faction not used to having a debuff caster, and that’s not a bad thing. She can personally bring a model’s defense down by 5 with Shadow Bind on her gun and Affliction, and armor down by 2 with Scything Touch, all while protecting her heavies from melee with Admonition and winning the gun war through superior debuffs. Reeves seem like a no brainer, and I’m choosing to invest in Reeve and War Wolf solos as semi-independent and fast Scything Touch delivery systems (and MAT 8 POW 13 weapon masters with Sprint are awesome!). The battlegroup starts out with the standard Feral, and then quickly veers off track. The Gnarlhorn brings the excellent Earth’s Blessing animus and has to be among the best Admonition targets in the game - if something gets in range, Admonition away, then Counterslam! The Woldwrath is a natural inclusion with Tannith because it is an excellent Scything Touch target, brings an awesome gun, and makes Tannith so much more accurate if you can land its animus on anything important. The last several points are the familiar support: Gobbers to trigger Tannith’s Prowl as she moves pretty far up the field, Druid Wilder to upkeep Admonition, and Lanyssa Ryssyl to extend your charge and slam threat ranges.

The final list is a hard hitting gunline (similar to Denny1 with a Kraken), with a surprisingly good assassination, resilient battlegroup and caster, and tons of guns while not skimping on melee threat.