Author: Bret Fogel

Cygnar is the gun faction. If you like big guns, little guns, old guns, new guns, guns guns guns, then Cygnar is the faction for you. The biggest changes to the faction are that you will start seeing heavy warjacks again, and while Haley2 may “only” be a top-tier caster, Cygnar finally has at least 2 warcasters competing for that top spot.

Caine 2

  • Caine2
    • Reinholdt
    • Ace
    • Sentinel x2
  • Black 13th
  • Trencher Cannon Crew
  • Max Tempest Blazers
  • Aiyana & Holt + Murdoch
  • Gun  Mage Captain Adept x2
  • Alexia2
  • Eiryss1

Holy cow, Caine2 gained a ton of new stuff - True Sight as a passive, Magic Bullet as a passive, Grievous Wounds, Fire for Effect - while keeping Heightened Reflexes and his feat. There are 2 main types of Caine2 lists - deliver Caine, or take all the buffs. I prefer the latter, so I’ll show a build for that version. When building Caine2 lists, I like to start with a Fire for Effect target, and there is no better single target than the Trencher Cannon Crew. Every Caine2 list should have Reinholdt (need that Reload shot!), moving on. Next, let’s add in the buffs - Aiyana and Holt for Kiss of Lyliss (with their ranking officer since Kiss of Lyliss requires Friendly Faction now), Gun Mage Captain Adept for Flare/Shadowfire. Following that, let’s take some accurate, high-pow guns to take advantage of those buffs when Caine isn’t destroying everything himself - Black 13th, Tempest Blazers, and Alexia2 and her bevy of weapon masters. Eiryss1 is excellent, will always make up her points and may win a game by herself by removing Focus or Fury, so she goes in. Battlegroup-wise, Ace is very good with Caine2 since the bond lets him use the multiple Rune Shot options and Ace's Infiltrate ability can give Caine stealth for a turn. Close it out with two Sentinels to keep your fragile solos safe with Shield Guard and to spend his warjack points.

The final list simply removes anything that dies to an unboosted pow 10 with all of its Trick Shots and electro leaps, then focuses on any heavies with very accurate boosted pow 10s all over the place. All of this is supported by Caine2 himself - wiping out infantry, feating down colossals, grievous wounding heavies, and occasionally obliterating the careless caster with Eiryss1 making it easy work for Caine himself.



  • Kara Sloan
    • Reinholdt
    • Thunderhead
    •  Defender x2
    •  Hunter x4
  • Anastasia

Kara Sloan is dumb. There’s not much more to be said. I’m not talking about the stupid top of 1 nonuple Hunter assassination (though, that is stupid [and already rumored to be errata'd out of the game]), but a real list with heavies and infantry clearing. True sight, long range super accurate high pow gunlines will win games.

The core of a Sloan list is Defenders and Hunters - they’re approximately the same range and pow against most targets since Hunters have Armor Piercing, but Hunters are cheaper and can spread further out, while Defenders are much better in last-ditch melee combat. Anastasia (Intelligence) and Reinholdt (Reload) are also core choices because going first or choosing terrain is very important to this list, and getting an extra shot from Kara’s amazing gun is worth any price. My only unique choice is to replace one of the Defenders with a Thunderhead - who brings a lot of extra shots and, more importantly, an auto-hitting pulse to wipe out jamming infantry or two open fists to throw a heavy away.

The final list is dumb and I hate it.


Haley 2

  • Haley2
    •  Dynamo
    •  Thorn
  • Stormblade Captain
    •  Stormclad
  • Stormblade Captain
    •  Stormclad
  • Journeyman Warcaster 
  •  Sentinel
  • Arlan Strangeways
  • Squire
  • Lanyssa Ryssyl

Yes, she’s weaker than MK2 Haley2. You’re just going to have to accept that, but she’s still amazing. For this list, I’m picking a fun concept (new Jack Marshall rules) and trying to see just how far I can take it - with Telekinesis, Temporal Acceleration, Empower and Hunter’s Mark.

Let’s start with the core thematic element - Stormblade Captain + Stormclad. I took that group twice - Drive: Reposition is great for the gunfight, the captain is both very resilient, accumulates for the Stormclad, and is a reasonable melee threat on his own. The Stormclad might be the single best jack to marshall in the game - it has a reasonable gun (with assault!), brings an extra focus, has great defensive stats and tops off all of that with a mat 7 rng 2 pow 19 melee weapon. Next is jack marshall support - Arlan Strangeways for Empower, Lanyssa Ryssyl for free charges, and a Journeyman warcaster to arcane shield the Stormclad you bullet in, taking a Sentinel to Shield Guard all your important solos (or a Firefly to increase the pow of the Stormclad’s gun). Finally is Haley’s group - a Squire for more focus, control area and magic rerolls; Thorn for an amazingly versatile arc node and assassination tool; Dynamo as a low-focus investment, high pow model that takes amazing advantage of Future Sight.

The final list plays more like a Hordes list than a Warmachine list - with high pow heavies charging in all over the place, backed up by Deceleration and Arcane Shield. Assassination in this list is off the charts, and Haley’s feat still buys you an entire extra turn - so good luck on attrition or scenario.