Authors: Code Red and Bret Fogel

Menoth has been possibly the most shocking faction of MK3 because it has been an absolute rollercoaster trying to figure out where the faction will be. First we assumed the jack faction would just be getting even better with Power Up. Then there was the crushing feeling of Choir being nerfed. Then, after seeing actual model entries, Protectorate is poised to burst back onto the scene in a huge way. In MK2, Menoth always felt like a dysfunctional faction - it had amazing infantry and jack support and several unbelievable casters, but it almost never seemed to come together except in the hands of the very best players. Well, no more. Menoth is going to be a powerhouse.

The general themes of the faction remained exactly the same and were even more enhanced. The Protectorate has always been about taking cheap jacks and troopers, then buffing them with powerful casters, support, and solos. That hasn’t changed at all. Jacks got a lot cheaper and the infantry didn’t really go up in price much at all. Fire is still all over the place in the faction even though it won’t close out a game as reliably anymore with warcasters being able to “reinforce” against the damage roll. Menoth still has guns out the wazoo, but they are still inaccurate without supporting buffs. They make up for this by having some of the highest blast damages in the game. For example, a marshalled Redeemer that aims in a Sevvy1 list has POW 11 blasts.

So what makes a good Protectorate list? Synergy. Find what you want to accomplish in the list and make sure every model you take builds towards that goal. If you want to make our inaccurate-but-powerful guns work, you take a caster and models that give a hit buff. Want to crush your enemies and laugh off armor? Take an Ignite caster and our bevy of awesome character warjacks. A good Protectorate list is one where the synergies are clear from just looking at it. So based on that, here are the four casters we anticipate to be rocking all over the tables in the next six months.


  • Kreoss
    • Judicator
  • Reclaimer
    • Redeemer
  • Reclaimer
    • Redeemer
  • Aiyana & Holt + Attendant Priest
  • Choir (Min)
  • Horgenhold Artillery Corps x2
  • Wrack
  • Vassal Mechanic x2
  • Anastasia di Bray
  • Eiryss 1

Every single Menoth pair should include one of Menoth’s top-tier assassin/warjack casters with a ton of jack marshalled Redeemers. Kreoss1 is the standout, but know that Sevvy1 and Sevvy2 are also viable options. This list is heavily feat-based, with only a tiny bit of consideration for the late game. Normally one-trick pony lists should be discouraged but going all in on the feat here just show you exactly how powerful it is. It starts with the inaccurate rockets - 2 Reclaimers running a Redeemer each, and Judicator in the main battlegroup. The Judicator (and eventually the Revelator) is slightly better than 2 Redeemers, thanks to future sight and having pow 16 guns in the battlegroup, and therefore boostable - but the main advantage is that it gives a good Defender’s Ward target, and provides something to attack heavy warjacks after the feat is gone (or against steady targets). Doubling down on the guns is the artillery - a pair of Horgenhold Artillery Corps - these brutal damage long range accurate (or, at least, not inaccurate) pieces are less than half the cost of a Redeemer, deal more damage without requiring choir, with arcing fire and the ability to move and shoot - though they are only a single shot for 6 points. Next up is the support staff - choir, obviously, Wracks and Mechanics for late game insurance and to get up to that magical 8 focus you need to Purify + fuel the Judicator + recast Defender’s Ward, and finally Aiyana & Holt with an Attendant Priest - in order to boost redeemer/judicator damage while the ranking officer survives, and the artillery damage when they go back to being mercs. Finally Eiryss1 - because if knocking down their caster isn’t enough, knocking down all the models blocking LoS and their caster and stopping them from replenishing focus guarantees it. Oh, and Anastasia for the ability to go first.

The final list is an assassination monster that is absolute death to infantry and non-steady heavies alike. With Purification, just in case.

Possible Modifications: Sub out Anastasia and Aiyana & Holt w/ Attendant Priest for Visgoth Rhoven & Honor Guard and Taryn di Rovissi. This is definitely a meta choice or possible things to include in your Specialists if you are running ADR. Rovissi’s Shadow Fire is fantastic for getting LOS for all your guns by tagging a model that is immune to the KD feat of Kreoss1. It’s pretty common for a lot of casters to hide behind a Colossal/Gargantuan to try to block LOS and Taryn says she has two tries to say no. Rhoven helps as well by giving the Judicator or a Redeemer the ability to ignore Stealth for the caster-kill or to handle enemy stealth models. This mod loses some damage potential from taking out Aiyanna but can potentially make the assassination more likely.

Kreoss 3

  • Kreoss 3
    • Devout
    • Vigilant
    • Guardian
  • Choir (Min)
  • Vengers x2
  • High Exemplar Gravus
  • Hierophant
  • Rhupert
  • Kell Bailoch
  • Alten Ashley

This caster is fascinating. He is a personal melee powerhouse, with a strong assassination run and a passive buff to the excellent Venger unit. So it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that this list features a ton of cavalry models.

The core of the list is double max Vengers and Gravus - their blessed POW ~20 lances with Battle Driven, Elite Cadre, Ignite, and Gravus’ dispel to supplement Kreoss3’s Purification-like feat can handle just about any target, regardless of buffs. Plus, that whole package and Kreoss3 all become immune to knockdown and stationary. Battlegroup and support include a Min Choir, a Devout for Shield Guard and spell immunity, a Vigilant to give Kreoss cover, and a Guardian for a decently hard hitting arc node (for assassination runs). Round it all out with a Hierophant for focus efficiency and additional range on non-arc-noded spells, Rhupert for concealment on the approach and Pathfinder if your opponent isn’t kind enough to trigger battle driven. Finally, the troubleshooters - Kell Bailoch will take the last couple boxes off a jack/beast’s system and Alten Ashley makes sure they stay broken - plus, they can trivially remove 3 tough infantry that are blocking your precious Venger charges.

The final list is decently resistant to guns with a usual 14/19 statline after battle driven and a buff, hits like a dozen trucks in melee, and has a couple of troubleshooters to pull off a surprising assassination or to clear problem models.

Reznik 2

  • Reznik 2
    • Fire of Salvation
    • Blood of Martyrs
    • Scourge of Heresy
  • Avatar of Menoth
  • Choir (Min)
  • Knights Exemplar
  • Hierophant
  • High Paladin Vilmon
  • Vassal of Menoth x2
  • Vassal Mechanic
  • Wrack x2

Yay! This beautiful model finally gets a beautiful ruleset to go along with it. Reznik2 is awesome now - Boundless Charge and Spellpiercer would be enough to make a power caster (especially in Protectorate), but he also has a pair of decent upkeeps with Death March and Lamentation. And the most ridiculously powerful control spell - The Flesh is Weak! It is insanely good - MK2 Time Bomb level of good - and it doesn’t even have to directly hit! Then he has Curse <Battlegroup> to give himself and his jacks +2 damage on a target within 8" of Reznik. His feat however is meh to amazing depending on the matchup. But based on the changes to warjacks, we don’t anticipate the masses of packed infantry that would make his feat amazing. Overall, it’s abundantly obvious why you should play him - his spells and abilities are just that strong.

As far as his list is concerned, start with 4 of the best character warjacks in the game - Avatar of Menoth (who can be topped off with Empower to make sure he can always make 5 mat 8 pow 21 attacks), Scourge of Heresy who is just dumb (especially if you can manage to get a kill with Reznik in melee), Blood of Martyrs and Fire of Salvation (who are both speed 5, rng 1 melee warjacks who go from decent to truly insane if they can trigger their vengeance-like ability). Oddly, this list turned out to just take every Vengeance trick in the book - once you invest in Fire and Blood, it seemed natural to take a cheap unit to give Death March to (and better yet, Knights Exemplar who have a natural vengeance-like effect that stacks with it), and then taking Paladins to take yet more advantage of vengeance-like effects. Finally there’s a huge suite of support - Hierophant to help keep that precious last focus that keeps Reznik immune to non-magical guns, and to bring the threat range of Flesh is Weak up to 17”, and keeps you 13” away from the target. Add the obvious Choir, 2 Vassals to help run your giant battlegroup, and to ensure your Avatar is always topped off, and a Mechanic (for more healing on Reznik, and late-game repairs for your battlegroup) and a pair of Wracks to ensure you always have more focus.

The new Protectorate is still very much the jack faction. All three of the casters listed so far have really high warjack points, 28 - 29, and then Protectorate has some of the best character warjacks in the game. And oh yeah, all these ridiculous melee characters are just 16 points each! 16!

Severius 2

  • Severius 2
    • Blessing of Vengeance
    • Reckoner
    • Reckoner
    • Redeemer
  • Hierophant
  • Choir (Min)
  • Rhoven and Co
  • Idrians + UA
  • Vassal
  • Rhypert
  • Wrack x2

If Kreoss1 is the assassin who comes swinging at you face first with a missile barrage to the dome, Sevvy2 is the quiet guy who just murdered his way through your army with a good ol’ Swiss Army Knife. What makes Sevvy2 the Leatherman Assassin is his amazing spell list: Ashes to Ashes for infantry clear, Hex Blast for upkeep removal, Arcane Ward for a DEF buff and spell protection, Awareness to get around LOS, Rebuke to control enemy units; all are grade A spells. Any of those spells when cast at the right time on the right models can win you the game alone. Now, cast one of those for free each turn. That’s how silly the Arcane Power rule on Sevvy2 can be.

The list for Sevvy2 in MK3 isn’t that much different than what it was; you focus on using all of his spells on your army and on getting value out of Awareness, which is one of the single most powerful battlegroup spells in the game.

You start with Blessing of Vengeance who has only gotten better in MK3. His Bond with Sevvy now not only gives +2 DMG to one channeled spell a turn, but also +2 to hit. So a 10 to hit, POW 15 Hex Blast or POW 12 Ashes to Ashes every turn potentially. The Hex Blast can help finish off a low box caster after 2 Reckoner shots or some Redeemer blast damage has softened them up. Casters have to be very wary about going low on fury or focus against you as the Awareness assassination is always on the table.

We bring Rhoven and Co. to give a Reckoner Eyeless Sight so he can ignore the one thing that Awareness doesn’t: Stealth. That Reckoner’s Flare then removes the stealth so the rest of the battlegroup’s guns can light them up. Once the Revelator comes out, you probably want to modify the list to include him. Drop the Reckoners and Rhoven as the Revelator is pretty much Rhoven, two Reckoners, and two Vanquishers duct-taped together, all Voltron-like. At least one Vassal is mandatory as Field Marshal: Oracular Vision makes Enliven like it was in MK2. Take the first hit, Enliven away, then use Oracular Vision to negate the free strike.

We need a good unit for Arcane Ward, and Idrians fit the bill really well.  This puts them at spell immune DEF 15 (or 17 with Rhupert’s Dirge) and go up to DEF 19 on the mini-feat turn which makes them decently difficult to remove. Tactical Tip, Rhupert’s March song which gives Pathfinder, is now model/unit so he can give jacks or casters Pathfinder now which means he’s close to auto-include. Hierophant and Wracks bring that sweet, sweet, focus efficiency and Hierophant gives +2 Spell Range in case your arc node gets taken out. Sevvy2 has a fantastic spell list, so going to effective focus 10 each turn just lets you abuse it even more. Oracular Vision also lets you block the one big hit he would take a turn so you can actually spend down to less focus than his frail 14/14 statline would suggest.

Ultimately, this list plays like a scalpel, use the spell list and guns to surgically remove/invalidate the biggest threat to your army each turn until your opponent’s list doesn’t function anymore. The feat even plays into this even more, d3+2 troopers/solos just disappear off the board to cripple your opponent’s list, or you can focus on putting down “scather” templates to block out a zone or advance. Sevvy2 is definitely a caster that you have to invest table time into. He is a high skillcap caster but he really does have a tool to answer every question except heavy armor box spam. (Which is why your other list should be a brick-breaker like Kreoss3 or Reznik2.)

The next six months is going to be a great time to be a Protectorate player. The ADR of Season 4, Feora1, Kreoss1, Sevvy1, and Malekus is as strong as all get out. Even so, you totally would not be amiss to completely skip this season’s ADR! There are plenty of casters to choose from and we didn’t even get into some of  the new standouts that could see plenty of table time in the future like Amon or Thyra. Overall, the vast bevy of changes from MK3 are just hugely beneficial to the faction. Cheaper jack costs across the board, Power Up, the removal of character restrictions, all let Protectorate players run more jacks in a faction that is already famous for its focus efficiency.

So get out there and burn some heretics!