Author: Kyle Johnson

Mark 3 has been incredibly kind to minion models! There have been a couple of instances where models that saw a lot of heavy non-minions and over representative use saw some changes; Gatorman Posse, Lynus & Edrea, Sacral Vault, Spiny Growth, but these changes to crutches (#designspace!!!!) opened the door to loads and loads of buffs.

In no particular order of some of my favorite changes:

Wrong Eye and Snap Jaw have seen a major change in their utility for faction and non-faction by gaining Star-Crossed, a spell everyone has some strong feelings towards. Submerge continues to be a very effective delivery system to protect them from ranged threats and there's room to do both on any given turn. Amphibious now gives our water loving models a defensive boost with added camouflage and not blocking line of sight to models behind them, creating a fantastic screen for ranged units, terrain, or Barnabus willing. Finally, all Minion models can finally be put into our lists! No more traitors like Hutchuk, Cylena and the Nyss Hunters or Boomhowler & Co. pretending to be minions and making us salivate at the thought of adding them in!

Awesome combo discussion time!

I'm loving the thought of a lot of pigs with gator lists and vice versa. Calaban with Meat Thresher/Brigands/Efaarit Scouts. Capitalizing on Parasite to make these ranged attacks sting, but taking Brigands to P+S 17 is a nasty threat to the new meta where every list is going to bring something to utilize WB/WJ points.

The new splatter boar animus on an Ironback Spitter with Targ is a great combo. It gets an extra shot out into the field and +2 to attack rolls even, for the ancillary attack! It's too nice to pass up if you're going to bring a gun line.

Polarity shield from Sturm and Drang on a unit of Posse or whatever front line unit you're going to take really messes with a person's plans to charge, ideally forcing them to run to engage prevent you from charging. It only makes the Unyielding Gatormen that much harder to kill.

Mediocre charge ranges got you down in Mark 3? Lanyssa Ryssyl has got the cure for what ails you with Hunters Mark! Magic ability 7 to apply it, charge the target for free and get another +2" on the charge sounds great to me.

RAGE! Where can you go wrong with this animus! The flying circus days of Gators are over, but Wrong Eye & Snapjaw and going to have a Wrastler added in there almost every time they're in a pig list!

Calaban! Minus 90% skornergy + 100% nastiness with built in Signs and Portents on all his spells means he’s going to be that much better at keeping the feat train rolling where possible. The Blindwalker got cheaper and stronger between editions too! Coupled with Rage on the Wrastler and keeping Parasite means your ARM buffed heavy should be horrified of engagement if the Wrastler is still alive!

Here's a pair of lists I'm interested in. I'll add more information to this page later with more explanations and strategy, but it's a great time to be a Minions player!

  • Bloody Barnabus
    • Wrastler
    • Ironback Spitter
    • Targ
  • Wrong Eye and Snapjaw
    • Swamp Horror
  • Brun and Lug
  • Bog Trog Trawler
  • Thrullg
  • Gudrun the Wanderer
  • Swam Gobber River Raiders
  • Sturm and Drang
    • Battleboar
    • Razor Boar x2
    • Splatter Boar
    • Warhog
    • Targ
  • Bonegrinders (min)
  • Razorback Crew
  • Gatorman Bokor and Shamblers
  • Bog Trop Mist Speaker
  • Gatorman Witch Doctor
  • Swamp Gobber Cef
  • Wrong Eye and Snapjaw
    • Ironback Spitter