Author: Adam "Ghost"

So way back when Ossyan was just getting spoiled and I was picking up my first Retribution of Scyrah models, Ret was in a bad place. There's no other way to put it. We had so few options to handle some key problems... like Stealth. We had a grand total of four heavy warjacks. It was a dark time. Ret eventually evolved into what it was at the end of MK2: a strong force that was still held back in perception by its rocky past.

Well, gentlemen, we have arrived at a glorious new day where Retribution is a major power house faction to be feared.

Retribution in MK3 has received a wide variety of smaller buffs that greatly increase the faction's power. Issyria's Blinding Light, Vyre strength increased by 1 across the board, point changes, Vyros2's feat working on RFP, Ossyan just having Future Sight for him and his battle group, caster-independent Pathfinder on Sentinels, Rahn's Force Field spell moved to a passive ability, Discordia gaining Brain Damage on the spray... there are just so many smaller buffs on things Ret players are already familiar with. With the exception of pVyros and Kaelyssa, many of our casters will be able to play largely the same, but better. In fact, Ret only had about 6 actual nerfs - Destor Thane, Mage Hunter Infiltrators, Mage Hunter Strike Force Commander, Aiyana's Harm, Side Step, and Beat Back.

With all that said, let's take a look at a few of my favorite options in Ret.

Vyros Number One

  • Vyros 1
    • Sylys
    • Imperatus
    • Discordia
    • Banshee
    • Chimera
  • Dawnguard Sentinels + UA + Soulless Escort
  • Dawnguard Sentinel Scyir
  • Arcanist x3

Oh man, Vyros 1! He was so bad in MK2! I hated this guy so much. Inefficient warjacks and a weird feat that never felt like it did much, Vyros 1 in MK3 is so much better. He benefits greatly from Power Up since it allows him the flexibility to actually use Mobility and Inviolable Resolve. Hallowed Avenger also got better since it basically gives a warjack Vengeance. And then there's his feat. His feat grants Flank[Faction Warrior] to warjacks in his battle group. The additional +2 to hit and die on damage means that Imperatus gets to swing at MAT 9 and POW 19 weaponmaster, which is enough to take down some colossals on his own.

So lets look at the list. I think Imperatus, two heavies, and Sentinels should be fairly standard for a pVyros list, so that's what I started with. I picked Discordia to first as a solid defense for the whole army against ranged attacks with the Imprint, and Disco's gun is very solid. In melee, Disco can mix it up pretty well with naturally high MAT and reasonable POW after an Arcanist uses Concentrate Power. Next I went with a Banshee as the highest non-colossal jack we've got. Even if the Arcanists die, a Banshee can do serious damage. The guns on all three of these jacks with Vyros' Bird's Eye ability mean they can play dirty behind trees and shoot without being shot. The Chimera is there in part to be a cheeky arc node to help Vyros apply Stranglehold safely. With Sylys and 3 Arcanists, Vyros can actually afford to cast this oppressive spell sometimes. If he can't, well, the Chimera is still a great little jack to have around and mess up a big target with a few flanking attacks. Finally, the Scyir with the Soulless fill in the last few points. The Scyir lets the Sentinels and Vyros himself ignore each other when moving or determining LOS, and he can chill next to the Chimera at DEF 15 ARM 18 with Righteous Vengeance easily enough.

The idea behind this list is pretty simple - Sentinels move up with the warjacks, using Inviolable Resolve, Iron Zeal, Wall of Steal, and Discordia's Imprint to build a very difficult to shoot mountain of myrmidons, then everything charges with Vengeance, Righteous Vengeance, Apparition, Hallowed Avenger, and Mobility getting your army right in your opponent's face so you can feat away everything that threatens your list. With how many Pathfinder, Maintenance movement, and LOS tricks this list has, you should be able to use the terrain to your advantage.

The Nork Retort by Nick Leland

  • Vyros 1
    • Sylys
    • *Helios
    • Imperatus
    • Griffon
    • Griffon
  • Arcanist X 3
  • Voidtracer
  • *Lanyssa Ryssyl
  • *House Ellowuyr Swordsmen

*Until Helios and the Swordsmen come out, try it with Hyperion and Halbs + UA in place of Helios, Lanyssa, and Swordsmen. Or proxy a little. It’s fun!

What is this nonsense? Sentinels? You already hit like a mack truck! You ain’t need none of that nonsense. Vy1 is probably our single most straightforward power caster now. We’re gonna play him like we mean it. The list we’ve got here is a sight stronger, with a bit more shenanigans to boot. It does play with some unreleased models, but I’ve got some subs for you until then. So the better Vy1 list looks like this, You’ve got the man running Helios, Imperatus, and twin Griffons. And I know you’re thinking, “This ain’t Vy2, scumbag, you’ve got the wrong Vyros.” First, rude. Second, this Vyros totally likes Griffons now. Maybe more than Vy2, honestly. What we’re trying to do here is hit first, and hit hard. Ideally you get to alpha with everything, but sometimes, you just got to fire missiles. Griffons are the missiles, here. You can afford to fully load both, Concentrated Power both, Mobility, feat, Fleet, charge (maybe for free with Lanyssa, a total of 17” threat!) and slam into something at MAT 10, POW 15 weapon master. It’s super tempting to take heavies with Vy1, but I don’t think it’s the right idea, necessarily, Those Griffons down there? They can kill Warpwolves or heavy infantry with ease, MAT 8 with flank, MAT 10 on the charge, just glorious. And even after that, they’re great for sitting in zones, holding onto flags, what have you, or killing a couple of dudes a turn. Helios turns everything in this list on, being a hard to remove colossal in his own right, handing out three focus a turn, moving stuff around, everything good. Imperatus is your champion, but also your trap. Let people focus on him to the exclusion of all else. They won’t see your true strength hitting them. The Swordsmen have an interesting synergy here. They’re great at killing infantry, with SPD 6, MAT 7, POW 12, RNG 2 cleave swords, and they’re great at running to Flank with. What’s more, they’re hard to shoot down, and do just fine with IR. What’s more, If things do get a little too hairy to handle, remember that you can have a SPD 7, MAT 8, POW 23 weapon master colossal on somebody. Nobody wants to deal with that mess.

Vyros 2

Just read this article here. It's got a lot of depth on Vyros with some sample lists.

Kaelyssa the Waifu

  • Kaelyssa
    • Banshee
    • Discordia
  • Arcanist x2
  • MHSF + Eiryss3
  • Sentinels + UA + Soulless
  • Nyss Hunters

Out of all our casters, Kaelyssa has gotten some of the most significant changes. Despite her feat being the same, she picked up some new abilities on her gun and a few new spells. She can still steal focus or fury with her gun (not her sword anymore), but she can also Dispel targets or make a warjack stationary. While ROF 1, her gun does have Reload [2]. However, her spells have changed significantly. Backlash remains as her only offensive spell, accompanied by Banishing Ward and the Stealth-ignoring Phantom Hunter, but Kaelyssa also picked up the excellent Blur and Refuge. Now she is a true hit-and-run Mage Hunter.

Building a list for Kaelyssa can be tricky. First, you want a pair of jacks who will work well with Refuge. Banshees, Discordia, Hydras, Daemons, Moros, and even Imperatus are good options for this, but for now lets stick with Discordia and a Banshee. Allowing them to scoot and shoot with Refuge pulling them back is a great way to infuriate your opponent, especially if you are able to use the feat to deny charges once they're finally close enough. Next we want some good Blur targets. I like the Nyss Hunters at DEF 17, especially with Discordia can make them blast immune. After that, I picked the Mage Hunter Strike Force with Eiryss3. This package actually hasn't changed much from before, and a unit of reforming guns with an Eiryss at the center can put a lot of pressure on a warlock or warcaster. Keep them on a different flank from Kaelyssa herself since they can work independently. Finally, Sentinels are there because you're going to get in melee eventually and it's really hard to beat Sentinels these days.

But if you want to get cute, double down on Refuge jacks. Keep Kaelyssa's battlegroup the same, but add in Elara with another heavy jack, then add a Scyir with a Hydra for a final long range gun. Use 3 Arcanists to keep the Hydra and the other jacks fueled up and shooting the enemy as long as possible, Refuging away each time, then close in with four heavies to beat them down.


So there's like a storybook tale where there's this smart guy who's really smart and sweet and funny and so close to being cool and not a loser, but he's super awkward and weird looking and can never get the girl, and no one quite likes him, and then a magical being shows up and is all, "hey, you're super awkward and weird looking. Let me fix that for you." And the weird dude transforms into this godly being of unbelievable charisma and intellect and everyone loves him and it's all better. But when you look at pictures of before and after side by side, you're like, whoa, yeah, I totally see what they fixed on that guy, and it wasn't even that much. Why didn't they make him like that in the first place?

That's Ossyan.

  • Ossyan
    • Hypnos
    • Moros
  • Arcanist x2
  • Eiryss 1
  • Stormfall Archers x2
  • Electromancers x2
  • Houseguard Halberdiers + UA
  • Houseguard Thane
  • Heavy Rifle Team x2

Chronomancer? Awkward. Change it to Future Sight and Field Marshal [Future Sight]. Temporal Distortion on the gun? Eh, make it a simpler -2 DEF and SPD on a model hit. And let's give him Deadeye, just to be extra sexy. Okay, fine, we'll make Hypnos a little bit insane... but only a little bit. Ghost Shot and Shadow Bind on the Phase Gun to accompany the +1 POW the Vyre chassis got. I have a hard time seeing an Ossyan list without Hypnos now since Ossy and his jack combined can apply -5 DEF to a target in addition to using Deadeye to fix the RAT 5 Stormfall Archers. Add in Moros to fill out those warjack points and add another controlling gun to the list. Halberdiers were and still are one of the best targets for Quicken, so lets keep them as the front line and first punch with a Houseguard Thane. Speaking of Houseguard, add in the now exceptional Heavy Rifle Teams. If the Thane is free, he can help them with Stealth spot removal. Finally, Electromancers add some great infantry clear and a ton of potential damage rolls on feat turn, and Eiryss 1 adds Disruption for more ranged control Deadly Shot for more damage, and the ability to remove focus and fury for an assassination.

The only problem with Ossyan is that he retains the same weakness he had before - he's going to die after his feat. Not every time, but he's going to be able to feat down a lot of your opponent's army in a single turn. That often forces your opponent into a low odds assassination as the best chance to victory, and those will work sometimes. Ossyan was and is very vulnerable to overextending. Play smart, and he might prove to be one of the best warcasters in the game.


THE NORK RETORT by Nick Leland

  • Ossyan
    • Sylys
    • Hypnos
    • Sphinx
  • Arcanist X 2
  • Invictors + UA + SE
  • Cylena Raefyll and Nyss Hunters
  • Heavy Rifle Team X 2  OR Elara
  • Electromancers X 2 OR- Daemon
  •     Arcanist
  •     Void Tracer

Don’t listen to that guy over there, He’s crazy. He’s probably telling you about how much the -5 def swing is great, and how Deadeye is really good, and he’s probably jamming a bunch of Electromancers and Stormfalls into his list. WELL HE’S WRONG. He’s probably throwing a whole ton of itty bitty units and some Halbs or Sentinels in there. That man is playing last year's game, and what we’re here to do is play tomorrow’s game. Lemme tell you about my list here. What we’ve got here is mass. Mass and patience. Quicken is still incredible, but you want it on volumes, not singles. Invictors picking up Assault means that with Quicken, mini feat, and Deadeye, they can deliver 11 fully boosted POW 12's, 24” from where they start. TWO FEET.  Alternately, they can chill back, be 14/17 to guns and just make some nice sexy boosted to hit POW 12's against whatever looks at them funny. Satyxis evaporate under that. Nyss Hunters are much the same; we’re looking for accuracy, flexibility, and power. Nyss bring all that. You can Quicken them to SPD 9, DEF 16 vs. ranged and magic, and you can Deadeye them just fine, AND they get the feat. All that, and some melee power to boot. On top of that, we’re keeping the Heavy Rifle Teams and Electromancers, because I guess not ALL of Ghost's ideas are bad. But consider this: they could also be Elara and a Daemon, with another Arcanist, and a Voidtracer. That grabs you another great shot that’s near impossible to pin down, some great anti magic tech, and ANOTHER great heavy for this list. Hypnos does speak for himsel; a Ghost Shot POW 14 cannon that Shadowbinds is pretty great, Sacred Ward retains its usefulness, and fists that quickly hit MAT 10 make him a great all rounder. The Sphinx is a jack that has a tough time not earning his points back, and he can enable some shifty spell tricks from Ossyan (and maybe Elara, too). Ossyan has a ton of new tech to work with, make the most of it! Use his abilities to their fullest, and try out the weird stuff!

Here's a few honorable mentions I didn't cover in these lists...

Nyss Hunters - Now that they are Partisans, Cylena and her buddies are a powerful addition for us. One of the few options for ignoring concealment and cover, their guns and weapon master swords should prove valuable in many different lists.

Elara - The worst journeyman warcaster has now become... acceptable. Speed of Death, Apparition, and Parry make her a very interesting threat. The only problem is finding room for her and a warjack after a minimum of 1/4th of your army is already warjacks. Rahn, Kaelyssa, Issyria, and Thyron are all options for her.

Invictors - What was 12 MK2 points is now 18 MK3 points. At an enormous discount, the Invictors also refocused from very combined arms to mostly ranged, but definitely able to kick it in melee. If you like gun swords, you should be happy.

Sphinx and Daemon - With excellent guns, cost reductions, and increased POW, both of these jacks need to be considered in your list building. Sphinx spam will likely be a thing in some lists, and Daemons at POW 18 Blessed are oddly scary in melee after their Heckmouth (less scary version of Hellmouth) guns get some work done.

Skeryth Issyen - Lost an attack, lost some points, picked up Shield Guard, picked up an ARM. Different role, still the Pain Knight.

Dahlia and Skarath -  I have no idea where these guys belong. But dang it, they look cool.