The Leyline Episode 44: ATC Rundooooown!

On this week's slightly delayed but still super awesome episode of The Leyline, we bring on special guest Jaden of Druid's Dice fame to all go over our... well, most of our... experiences at the Americas Team Championship! We deftly dodge telling real battle reports, drift the conversation towards the soon to be meta bending triple woldwarden build, and dabble a little in some Grymkin chatter.... wait, how much of this is really about ATC? 

WARNING: This episode may contain jank. You have been warned. 

The Leyline Episode 43: February Releases and ATC List Rundown!

On this, the day of our 43rd episode, we go over the February releases for Circle Orboros: Loki and Kaya3! In the meat of the episode, we break down some of the more interesting lists from this years Americas Team Championship (as well as Bret and Dan's own lists) and check for any fun or interesting little trends. Stay tuned next week for when we get down and dirty with Circle's newest warlock: Kaya the Wildheart.

The Leyline Episode 42: Las Vegas Open Spoilers and Recap!

On our life, the universe, and everything cast we all get together for a little chat about everything spoiled for the faction at the Las Vegas Open such as Kaya the Wildheart, Loki, and new Theme Forces, go over events and games we took part in at the convention, and lament (read: exalt) the glorious, burning fireball that is Una2 post-nerf. Stick around next week as we talk about.... who knows what! The world is our oyster! 


The Leyline Episode 41: New Player Journeyman Guide

A two week streak! For this week's episode of The Leyline, we go over some basic list building ideas for a new player on his first Circle Orboros Journeyman League. Dan builds the solid basics, Chandler goes rule of cool, and Bret dives into a deep pit of jank despair... which path would you choose? 

This week's episode features a quick return of our end music blooper track so... don't miss it ;D


Bret Fogel's Journeyman League Guide:

Journeyman League Builds: 

Dan Yount: 
Tanith Battlebox

Week 2: Scarsfell Griffon
Week 3: Sentry Stones x2, Blackclad Wayfarer, Shifting Stones
Week 4: Can alternate to pBaldur. Feral Warpwolf, Swamp Gobber Chef, Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew, Druid Wilder
Week 5: minimum Reeves of Orboros + Command Attachment
Week 6: Increase to max Reeves, War Wolf x2

Chandler Torres:
Tanith Battlebox

Week 2: Scarsfell Griffon
Week 3: Sentry Stones x2, Druid Wilder, Shifting Stones
Week 4: Switch to Kromac2. Warpwolf Stalker (Magnetize for Feral!), Swamp Gobber Chef, Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew
Week 5: Ogrun Bokur x2, Blackclad Wayfarer
Week 6: Scarsfell Griffon, Shifting Stones

Bret Fogel
Kromac2 All in One Box
Theme Force: The Devourer's Host

Week 1: Ghetorix, Rotterhorn Griffon
Week 2: Rotterhorn Griffon
Week 3: Tharn Wolf Riders
Week 4: Warlock switch to Baldur 1, The Death Wolves, max Tharn Bloodtrackers + Nuala
Week 5: Pureblood Warpwolf
Week 6: Tharn Wolf Rider Champion, Bloodweaver Night Witch (free!), Shifting Stones

The Leyline Episode 40: Mk. III Errata and Theme Forces!

Our first episode on Ghost Dice! To kick things off on our new platform, we talk a bit about the recent Warmachine and Hordes errata and how it applies to Circle, as well as a discussion on our newly released theme force, The Devourer's Host. It's all the waiting game now for the upcoming release of the Forces of Hordes: Circle Orboros Command book. 

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